Sea Power by Microprose

I would but my car is too loud inside anyhow, I would have to really shout.

This looks like a game that I completely want to play, but I am too old to learn. ::sigh::

Naw, I don’t make engine noises when I accelerate my car. Decrepit old Toyota does plenty of that. I do have to admit I sometimes mutter fighter pilot lingo in traffic. Viper one one, merged.

Do you call the ball when exiting?

No, but I bet he feels the need for speed!

No way! And we’ll totally help you learn if you need it :)

Re-read the naval combat chapters of Red Storm Rising and you’ll be set!

I missed Harpoon entirely in its day (one of those great tragedies of my early gaming life - I was around for things like Harpoon and XCOM but didn’t know about them) which sucks because it would definitely have been my kind of thing. This looks like it has the potential to be really awesome.

There’s CMANO/Command Modern Operations, but it’s really, really, really technical. It’s nowhere near as accessible as Harpoon.

The original computer Harpoon was a translation of the famous board wargame. It was great. Tons of scenarios. I remember huge Harpoon FAQs that I printed at university computing lab to read on my bus ride.

The DOS version is abandonware.

Interactive Magic put out a Windows version in 1997. I have my CD somewhere, but I don’t know where. It’s like $13 on eBay. So tempted all of a sudden.

EA put out a little ditty called Fleet Command under the Janes’ label back in the day. Played the everlivin’ fuck out of that. It was like harpoon-lite. You guys go here, you over here and watch the missiles fly. This might be that, with the same simmy underpinnings but not trying to simulate toilet roll logistics like CMO does. CMO is fucking awesome but it does take a tiny bit of study to get a grasp of…

I don’t know if y’all can tell, but I’m stoked for this thing. Great fan of Cold Waters, and the -Fleet games.

Fleet Command is on Steam, going very cheaply every now and then, and very well worth it. It was by the guys who made Dangerous Waters if I recall?
Ironically, it works better than the later game in modern OSes (there are workarounds to get Dangerous Waters to work though).
I still prefer Red Storm Rising over them all though.


I loved Harpoon. But I think I love being young in the 1990’s even more.

Being young sucks, take off those rose tinted glasses.

I remember in the late 90s SSI was working on a version of Harpoon that would’ve combined the game with something like graphics from Fleet Command. I was really looking forward to that, so it sucked when the project died, and then SSI died as well.

The irony is that 2010s’ me wished Fleet Command had no graphics but an interface like Harpoon!



Can’t wait!


To be announced