Seal of Evil

Gogamer is selling the import english version. Anybody have any info on this rpg title. It’s essentially made by a corporation of the PRC. It looks really interesting and I love the background (post warring states period). It’s a stealth title as I’ve only seen info on it at Any gouge greatly appreciated before I spend my gaming allowance.

There’s a demo you can grab from GMX Media or Object Software’s site…it doesn’t give you much feel for the story but the game mechanics are well-represented. I think it’s pretty good - quite deep game mechanics, decent party action-combat that is somewhat like Baldurs Gate (etc), nice crafting. The 2D engine is well out of date and the animation is awful…but if you like 2D pre-rendered iso games (like me) the backgrounds are beautiful.

I had trouble rememering the Chinese names but I’ve never much been into Asian settings before. ;)

IIRC, also has the demo. It’s like 300MB though, so be forewarned. I thought about DL it, but I havent gotten around to it yet. Sounds interesting though.

Follow-up to Prince of Qin, I guess.

It’s a follow-up but not a sequel. Slightly different time period, different characters, but still Chinese. The game looks really, really good to me (I loved Prince of Qin), but I’m beginning to doubt whether it’s ever going to make it to the West. I wrote Object Software a couple of months ago asking about it and they gave me an Oct 15 ship date for Europe and the UK. They did not have a North American distributor at that time, and still don’t as far as I know. So I preordered from Gameplay in the UK, since at that time GoGamer had never even heard of the game, but the date’s been moved back three times now. It currently shows a ship date of Nov 12 on Gameplay’s site, so we’ll see.

The demo’s fun (and fairly lengthy), although I liked the old one with the Chinese voice overs better. When you don’t understand the language, the voice acting is all good… :)

EDIT: Just went to GoGamer and I see they say they’re shipping now. I’ve changed my order to them.

Ok, I got my copy today. It passes the lift test, at least for a DVD-box game. There’s a nice, thick manual with big print and lots of pictures. (The big print and lots of pictures is a good thing, not a bad thing.) So far I’m still only replaying the parts that were in the demo, so I don’t have much to add for the moment except that the gameplay in general is still super terrific in my book. I haven’t done anything with the crafting system yet. The English voice acting is worse than terrible, but luckily it’s there only in the cutscenes (and, in fact, it’s so bad it can actually be pretty entertaining to listen to). There are also still some translation problems (upon being refused a bottle of wine, the heroine replies “What? Are you taking the piss?”), although it’s nowhere near as bad as Prince of Qin in this regard. Also, some of those weird word breaks in the text dialogs are still there. But the game still rocks. The graphics are great, the music is good, and the story and characters themselves are much more interesting than the done-to-death Western medieval fare usually found in this type of game.

It’s too early to give it two thumbs up, but I’m doing it anyway. Spend your allowance.

That’s not a translation error. That’s a UK expression for basically “Are you kidding? Are you fucking with me, etc…”

Long version is: “Are you taking the piss out of me?”

Hey, thanks for that! I wondered where the heck that was coming from. Seemed like out of left field to me, but now it makes sense.