Sealab 2021

Hey Quins, check this out, we built a time machine! Stormy 3’s gonna go back in time, aand fix it all up there…

You guys don’t have the brain capacity to build a time machine!

You’re right. I guess its not as much a time machine, as it is a dodge ball cannon!

How do you like them apples, EGGERS??!!

[size=7]MOTHER FUCKER.[/size]

Torrent the goddamned shows and be done with it.

Shhh, wires don’t talk…

Yeah, we’re like, Sealab sucks now, so…

… we’re going to outer space with the fly honeys!

Save it for queen dopplepoplous dopplegangers!

Its like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!

C’mon, it’s like 99% kelp.

How are you hanging from there?

I dug my toes into the ceiling…

But that’s NASA grade titanium!!

Yeah, I have the strength of a bear! A bear that has the strength of two bears!!