Sean Spicer is the best Press Secretary in history. PERIOD.

Heh. It really does fit. We have slipped into the timeline where The Onion is no longer satire but straight up reporting.

Back to Spicer, what’s with the puffy shirt? To disguise his excess?

I don’t watch Dancing With The Stars but I presume it may have had to do with the number they danced to. Frilly, lime green, maybe something salsa-like?

His torso looks like a lime green Lego head.

How is the boycott going? Obviously not amongst the Trumpalos, but arent middle class left leaning America boycotting it and pressuring the other celebs? If not why not?

I thought that someone ending up on Dancing with the Stars meant the boycott worked.

I’m boycotting it, but the boycott is incidental rather than intentional.

I was boycotting it before because I try not to watch stupid stuff on tv, but I’m EXTRA boycotting it now because of Spicer.

Weeks ago, I was not planning on watching DwtS because I honestly thought it had been canceled years ago. Then for the past couple weeks I was not planning on watching it because I forgot I learned that it was still on and was utterly uninterested.

But now I’m not watching it because I’m boycotting it. So yeah, the boycott is working.

Hahahahaha me too! What a dumb show.

8 million people watched it last year. I take it a given not many people here are watching it, but a boycott is aimed at viewers who might not want to normalise Spicer and the administration, not people who don’t watch it.

When was the last time a boycott really worked in America? We talk about them a lot, but they seem like more, shall we say, virtue signalling, than actually effective tools to speak to corporations.

I think “America”, as a single relatively monolithic cultural market, might just be too large for boycotts on any particular issue to be effective, as the proportion of people concerned about issue X and aware of the boycott compared to the total people who consume a product is just too small a percentage. Either because of inefficient communication, or diversity of interest in any given issue X in the market.

Battlefront 2 and Anthem.


Most US boycotts are mostly tools to influence public opinion against the company or policy rather than a serious threat to the economic interests of the company.

For instance, the Civil Rights movement’s boycotting the Montgomery City buses succeeded due to the intense public attention and protests, not because the boycott hit the city’s wallet hard.

I guess if I had to point to a recent case in the the US where economic harm by a boycott caused a reversal, I’d probably point to North Carolina’s HB2 fiasco in 2016. The boycotts by other states, movie studios, TV studios, the NBA and most especially the NCAA certainly inflicted a huge amount of monetary harm on the state… something like $3.5B worth. But even in that case it might have been more the criticism than the hit to the NC pocketbook.

On the other hand, Rick “Whoops” Perry is now Energy Secretary.


Epic Games Store

Hell, Harry’s razor cartridges come with 5 blades, so that Onion article has lost its timeliness, hasn’t it?

I get a giggle about Harry’s because I hear the guy on the commercial all the time on satellite radio.

“Hi, I’m Andy, founder of Harry’s.”

Like, how many of the commercials have founders that name their company completely different names than theirs? Apparently a lot.

And yep, they all make 5 blades now it seems.

I feel like a shaving technology Luddite. I shave with only two blades.

I went electric (for about the third time in my life) and haven’t looked at blades for several years now. I don’t miss $20 for a 4-pack of blades.