Sean Tudor Fan Thread

I like these threads. Especially for people without strong Qt3 personalities, they are showcases for them. I probably learned more about Sean Tudor from this thread than any other, for example.

The weakness of this sort of synopsis is that its the equivalent of “snapshots”… a series of brief glimpses.

Its fun looking for the humor and insight as well… Sean saying he was “excited” about DNF back in 2001 made me laugh. It also makes me wonder just how much disappointment this game has created.

This made me laugh -

Wednesday, October 10, 2001 - 11:20 pm:
I think Shrapnel should redesign all their wargames using the Quake III graphics engine.

Oh well as for the rest - at least I was consistent - I have never liked consoles and I never will. 8)

I had to look twice at the original post - I thought Wumpus had posted these quotes.

Aaawww… Wookit aw da cute widdle animaws!

It is teh cut3 !1!!!

I am a frog
… more where this one came from at

This hypnotized me for about two full minutes.

There is another version where the penguin sticks out its foot and trips the other one into the water. I like that one better.