Seanbaby on TV

All this week, Seanbaby is on Attack of the Show! on G4 and it’s been pretty damn hilarious so far. He’s a good complement to Kevin Pereira. If you haven’t given the show a chance, you really should. It’s funny and it’s a lot like what you read on messageboards like this one, only on a live TV program. They just kinda “get it”.

They got some unexpected laughs today when Sarah put Kevin’s cellphone number right up onscreen while calling him from some new Skype-alike. heh I really like the stuff they show on here. A guy last week showed everyone how to make lasers using a cardboard box, some plexiglass, colored paper and a flashlight. Neat!

Set up your TiVo and give it a shot. 7PM every weekday. The live music on Fridays is pretty lousy, but that’s why you use the TiVo! It just needs some MattKeil and all will be rosy!


Please help me.

I’m sure I should know this, but who on god’sgreenearth is Seanbaby and why should I care? I first tried searching here–completely frustrating, as just about every reference to said entity assumes you already know who the fuck he is.

Next I tried his website. Yeah. I’m sorry. I just can’t be bothered to sift through that tonight. Tonight is a rough teething night for the eight month old, plus there’s the wotd calling.

Finally, and I’m making a direct plea to you here, Dave…you’d better be damn serious about this AotS thing. I’ve felt burned enough by that beast already. I really hated losing TSS, and I tried to stick with the new permutation, but it was just so painful I had to kick it off of the Season’s Pass list. Wankers on a tech show who don’t know what the number 42 on a t-shirt is supposed to mean.

Seriously now. Is AotS that much improved that I should give it another chance? Because I just can’t take having my heart broken by G4 again.

I’m trusting you Dave.

“I’m afraid. I’m afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it.”


What does 42 mean?

btw with seanbaby all you need to do is focus on his NES page

most notably:


Is it more rehash crap like he does now for the magazines or whatever? Is he showing naked suicide girls picks on going WOWOWOWOW I KNOW THEM LOLOLOL? I imagine it as him just reading his website and making faces whilst giving the devil horns.

No, it’s not rehash stuff of what Seanbaby does in the magazines. The show is live every day and they cover a whole bunch of things from tech gadgets to computer stuff to games and more. As a co-host, he’s helping show off the products, talk about the various stuff they cover on the show and make fun of Kevin.

As long as you go into the show not expecting it to be The Screen Savers then I think any nerd will enjoy it. It’s fun, in the same way the spontaneous postings on a messageboard are often fun. It’s not dry. It’s not geeky in a “I LOVE LINUX” kind of way and it’s not trying to be anything but entertainment and that’s GOOD because it’s entertaining. As I said, TiVo is your friend here because if you don’t like a segment or don’t care about it, you just skip ahead. However, some of the more off-the-wall stuff is some of the more entertaining stuff on the program.

I like it and I’m sure there are people that don’t or won’t, but it makes me laugh and it even points out websites, products and funny stuff that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise, all based on entertainment and tech. It’s entertaining for 45 minutes of my day.

Yesterday for example they showed off this Mac OS X plug-in that made your desktop all MegaMan-ized. Every program you opened would play the boss intro music and show the program’s icon in front of the starfield just like the bosses in Mega Man II when you picked your next level. It turned into dumb fun that was really cool because Sarah wasn’t a MegaMan fan but of course Kevin and Seanbaby were. It’s silly nerd entertainment and I like it.

Oh… also, on Tuesdays Chris Gore of Film Threat is on and gives DVD recommendations for what’s out that week. These are always enjoyable and Gore is good on the show. He co-hosted for a week and would’ve fit really well as a regular co-host.


Okay, I’ll give it a shot. It’ll be hard not to expect TSS because I’m still bitter about that, but I have to just let that go. Sigh. I’ve been meaning to add a couple of things to TiVo anyway–like Pinks–because so many of my shows are on haitus right now. “Now Playing” is just this wasteland of Chappelle Show reruns, Lifetime crap (for my wife…really…seriously) and Daily Show doubles because they’re so sporadic about putting in their program tags, the goofballs.

But still…who is this seanbaby person and why should I know him? A writer? A geek celeb? A friend of yours? A friend of Qt3? Who?


“This is just like television, only you can see much further.”


Geek celebrity about covers it. He has a wiki entry that is mostly a summary of stuff he’s done.


How stupid was I not to ask Wikipedia first. What a dork. Thanks Troy, mystery solved.


Sorry but the dude sounds like a dipshit.

he has a few honestly brilliant things. His superfriends page is fantastic, but he’s gone severely down hill over the last 5 years

I HATE THIS. Damnit Comedy Central title your f-ing shows. Anyways I’ve got some good stuff on my Now Playing list which helps me through the anemic summer: 4400, Into the West, The Closer, Daily Show (x400), mildly interesting realty shows on Bravo like Situation: Comedy and The Firm. Oh and We’ve got 3 months of Showtime for free and now I’m hooked on Pen & Teller’s Bull**** show.

Did you check out the NES page? He was pretty funny about 6 years ago…

I wish G4 would title X-Play episodes.

I mean, it’s getting annoying to scrub through the 6 episodes recorded each day to find the new one.

Dont they normally play the new one at a specific time each day? Just record that one.

What does the 42 mean?

Sorry, I should’ve addressed the Seanbaby thing. I mainly pointed him out because he’s a cohort of Erik and Chet. I figured people around here would know him because of that and the OMM connections as well as the fact that this site is hosted on POE.


New X-Play’s are three times a week a believe. The other 200 episodes per week are repeats.

On a vaguely related note, X-Play taped its 300th episode today. Go us.

On a vaguely related note, X-Play taped its 300th episode today. Go us.[/quote]

Wow, that’s awesome! Congratulations on that.