Search for WMDs is over

Iraq is now officially disarmed.

Well at least now we’ve made sure Iraqis won’t be slaughtering any americans! That’s a relief!

I can sleep easier at night now knowing that the Shrub has made America safer by royally pissing off the ME.

…and America’s traditional allies in Western democratic nations.

Screw Europe! Diplomacy is all about getting mad at other countries when they don’t do what you want, not about building economic and security relationships to benefit your nation’s interests!

I think it’s time for another carrier landing with a Mission Accomplished banner draped all over the place.

WMD’s found: 0, Zilch, nada, nichts. Getting our hands on massive oil reserves: Priceless.

Excuse me, according to condi rice we never searched for WMD.

We merely chose to optically check at various times certain areas of Iraq where WMD may or may not have been in our field of view.

They were not in our field of view.

This does not mean we searched for WMD or more importantly searched and did not find.

-i one day hope to write the condi rice dictionary.

So… does this mean all the folks who were adamant that WMDs would be found in Iraq, and that the naysayers were a bunch of liberal cowards because we insisted there were no weapons and that the excuse for war was BS, owe us all an apology?

Oh yes, I think so.

The point all along was to liberate Iraq from a murderous dictator and bring it democracy. The WMD thing was just a pretense because the benevolent overlords in Washington knew the US population would never get behind a purely humanitarian nation building exercise.

Or some bullshit like that.


They basically bet on the fact the Saddam had the weapons to justify their war.

And, having one the election, it proved a good bet.

Why does this sound like Vroomfondle and Magicthighs?