"Search in file contents" functionality of Vista not working well

For some reason the “Search in file contents” for txt fields in Vista is not working right on my computer. It only looks in .doc & .txt related files and not .lua, .xml or anything else with simple text.

Anyone know of a way I can force Vista to look in all files?

answer to old question of yours looking for free collection programs: http://mycollections.codeplex.com/

answer to your current question: how about www.locate32.net ?

or http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/search_my_files.html


Actually, I was thinking of this: http://lmadhavan.com/software/snowbird/

I think that might be perfect!

Yep works wonderfully and is super fast. Thanks REI :)

I didn’t work under XP!

I use Visual Studio for that.

It did for me, but I’m guessing I’d done something to include all files and not just standard text.

You’re lazy!