Searching for clocks from games


So continuing on to the next mission, which takes place in the same manor, I paid more attention to the clocks. I didn’t seek out every single one, but I looked closer at the ones I came across. Without interacting with them, I came across one whose time was set to 12:21, one at 1:27 and one at 1:29. I’m not sure what the rest of them throughout the manor were at, but I only mention it because there’s a chance any of these could fill in a missing gap somewhere.


How do we feel about clocks that don’t stay with one time.

Machinarium’s is part of one of the puzzles.

Also, it’s kind of weird the clocks I remember are towers but I know there is a cat one… picturing him right now.


Quick update: Still slowly working on this. Spreadsheet now covers 46% of the minutes in the day.


@Jason_McMaster was streaming We Happy Few tonight, a clock in game said 2:18 am.



Nice! Thanks for that!


Wow what a massive project!


3 more for you from Homefront The Revolution.


I think that is 9:45 PM

10:05 PM


Excellent! Getting close to 50% now.


EverQuest’s Clock of Ak’Anon. Built by gnomes as a gift to the human city of Qeynos.

EverQuest 2 also features the clock.


Thanks! The EQ2 one has a minute hand that moves every 3 seconds but I can still use clocks like that if it’s just a quick glimpse


A Hat in Time has 11:08 or 09, 11:19, 11:21, 30, 40, and 50. All but 11:21 are interstitials in the train level, 21 is a clock on the wall in that level. Do you need screenshots?


This is great! No screenshots necessary. Thanks!


almost every aircraft made after the 30s has a clock in the cockpit, so any flight sim worth its salt should yield plenty clocks. You can set the time yourself :D


Thanks! Those will be useful. I’ll also be using some flight sim footage of famous clock towers. Hopefully not just Big Ben which is a little over-represented in games.



If you want, you can tell me what minutes you need and I’ll try to get some purty shots from DCS for ya.


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How many times does 4:20 appear in your searches?


Only twice so far (Fallout New Vegas and The Longest Journey). If I ever get to make the full 24 hours, I’ll add a $420 reward for any devs who want their game to fill this slot.


What times do you need? Also, do you have any preferences to setting and background or will you be focussing on / cutting out the clock face?