Searching for Fossett Online

So there’s a wealth of stories on Tuesday about people using the web and stuff like Google Earth, asking people to look through images to possibly find Fossett’s plane.

I don’t get it frankly and I gotta be missing something. Some of this satellite imagery is years old. It’s nowhere close to being real-time–probably weeks old at the earliest.

Am I just missing something or are people just being naive?

— Alan

Thought I’d read that Google fast-tracked some brand-spanking new shots of the Nevada mountains where he crashed – IE, they’ve got current stuff up there now.

Edit: “The satellite imaging program has released new, up-to-date images of Nevada which, through a collaborative system run by Amazon called Mechanical Turk, enables individual users to search from their homes and notify rescuers in Nevada of potential leads. The system’s creators say the plane Mr Fossett was flying would appear as an object about “21 pixels long and 30 pixels in wingspan”.”

(from here)

I’m pretty sure from the context of the rest of your post that you don’t mean “dearth.”

Oops, meant “wealth”.

— Alan

The part about this story that made me laugh (and yes, other people’s misery is often funny, let’s not kid ourselves) was how, in the course of the massive manhunt to rescue a guy who just happens to be a famous bazillionaire, the searchers have found several other plane wrecks and may in fact be in a position to give the families of those poor souls some closure. Anyone care to guess the cost of the ongoing Fossett search or has their been any indication that his estate is going to defray the cost?

Any hey, if Fossett is dead, he went out doing what he loved, yada yada…;_ylt=AgXfGCFWfIkNs4bWCOO_p6LLLJ94

He’s dead, Jim.