Searching for new CellPhone advice

Ok, Qt3 Hivemind, I’m wondering if you guys could help me narrow down which of these cellphones i should get. First off, i’m not a huge user of data features/texter/internet, whatever. But when i do send text, or have to input text in anyway, like when inputting a new contact, i absolutely despise using the t9 text, so i’d like qwerty support of some kind. Also my apartment seems to have pretty shitty connectivity, and i know there are some snappy phones out there that can use a wifi connection, but i’m not sure about the details, like how much that costs extra. I’d like to keep the monthly fee down pretty low, because a lot of it feels like throwing money away, when I don’t use my phone that much.

My current choices are:

That one has no reviews, so i’m not sure what to think of it.

What do you guys think?

Christ, QT3 Hardware forum has turned into a recommendation engine.

I was largely in the same boat as you a few months ago, and I decided to just splurge on a G1 regardless of it’s data plan requirement. I have been really happy with it.

Find an iPhone 2G on the cheap after this Friday (there will probably be a lot of upgrades) and unlock it for T-Mobile.