Sears is selling Craftsman to Stanley Black & Decker, closing 150 stores


I am starting to believe that the mall may not be the best place to be during a zombie apocalypse.


It is full of stuff and no one goes there. It will be the BEST place to go. In fact when we’re done with the 100 zombie games everyone is making, the 101st game needs to do malls right and not have them packed full of dead people who never shopped there.


The remake of Dawn of the Dead had the crew mostly in an empty mall. It was surprisingly good for being directed by Zack Snyder. Great cast, including Ty Burrell playing a very different character than he does in Modern Family.


Have you not seen the 1978 Dawn of the Dead? If you do, don’t watch it in a theater stoned out of your gourd. Trust me.


Malls are so 1990s. Now you can get zombies delivered to your condo by an Amazon drone.


And another round of closures incoming.


Much better list format:


Portaland Oregon huh. Well I guess that means we get to keep ours a little longer which gives me a chance to get more tools, while I can.


Hey, look, even more Sears store closings!


I know this is the Sears thread but Orchard Hardware yesterday announced they were closing all stores on the west coast and in Florida. Orchard is now owned by Lowes so I can only think this was something that was bound to happen eventually, but I will be sorry to see the local Orchards disappear.


Phew. Survive another round here. At least that gives me time to acquire more quality tools at cheap prices, just for a bit anyway.


This turnaround is gonna kick in any minute!


What the people in charge of the company have done should be criminal, but I guess these days everyone is just getting theirs. Next up, JCP. That will be a slow death spiral too.


What would you do in there place? All I can think of us to get to the point and liquidate the entire company, rather than stretch out the pain. I don’t think what they’re doing (at this point, not 20 years ago) is something that you can label criminal.


Just in time for infrastructure week.


Are you forced to rely on Sears geographically?


While it may not be indicative of Sears, I’d make leveraged buyouts illegal.


I think you may want to elaborate. 1) I don’t know what that has to do with Sears. One could argue that maybe if they had been bought out 20 years ago, maybe they’d be doing better with the new leadership. 2) A leveraged buyout is just a tool. There’s nothing inherent in it that dictates what the new controlling interest is going to do with it.


Sears closings are really a dilemma in some places. And the ability to purchase online really doesn’t solve these problems.

When I lived in Southern Arizona, about 2 hours South of Tucson, we had purchased a ome, but needed at new dishwasher. We wanted something like this:

A badass, modern sleek energy efficient dishwasher (or LG, or whatever). One problem. No one in 200 miles would service it. If you lived in radius of a "coastal bubble city (or Chi-own or Austin) you were OK.

So we went with Kenmore. Blah. But it was within warranty service distance for maintenance and repair, based out of the local Sears.

I mean Bosch or LG or whoever *have a Warranty (they’d ship you parts) but no one could come and work on the thing. And Catch-22, if you worked on it, you’d violate the warranty (not licensed).

This is another example, outside of just local jobs (which are an issue) of how the new economy is hollowing out the country. Services are literally disappearing. Things that weren’t problems say 10 years ago now are. this then induces more people to leave. And the cycle continues.


I would have put money in the stores. It’s like walking into a graveyard, just wholly unpleasant. It’s like they never left the late 80’s, 90s. The stores are just old and gross.

For tools you mean? I buy most my stuff online, but Craftsman seemed like an okay to good brand, so as a newish homeowner I just started buying tools because I literally didn’t have any. Sears was consistent. Harbor Freight is generally cheap crap, okay for one time or short-time use, and who knows where the stuff comes from in Amazon. Lowes and Depot are okay but the deals you could/can get from Sears was just great.

I mean before I had a home, I was in apartment so I literally has one Phillips and one Flathead screwdriver because why would I ever need more, one each. haha.

Craftsman rubber hoses by the way survive the heat really well and just last. Every other hose is almost garbage in just a couple of years. .