Sears Rolls Out Online Movie Download Service

Sears??? Really??? Really??? Sears has so many problems on its plate and it does this? Candidate for stupid business decision 2010, I say.

I still say that Netflix needs a purchasing plan where I can permanently add an Instant movie to my Library so that I can watch it even if the reason it is available under subscription (Starz deal, etc) expires.

Alphaline is run on the RoxioNow platform, and has no subscription fees, unlike Netflix-type video services. Rather, users pay one-time fees to either rent videos for 24 hours or buy them from the available selection. Most rentals cost $3-4, while most purchases are between $10 and $20. Once secured, the movies may be watched on a computer, via a RoxioNow-capable Blu-ray player, or on an Xbox 360.
Macs are not currently supported, nor are any stripe of mobile devices, putting Alphaline at a disadvantage compared to other video services that can operate on numerous platforms. Sears and Sonic Solutions, the creators of RoxioNow, have stated they plan to add support for portable media devices and mobile phones as well as TVs under a long-term agreement.

This is how things die before they’re even born. I’m as perplexed as you, Woolen Horde.

Apparently being associated with K-Mart requires a lobotomy, if you haven’t already had one to even consider getting into such a relationship.

That actually sounds pretty close to iTunes business model Bluto. Of course (1) iTunes (and other players) provide basically the same service and are already entrenched and (2) Sears isn’t a tech company, which is both a problem from a marketing standpoint and an implementation standpoint.

But the service they are trying to provide has been proven to be viable.

Wait wait, a store whose largest demographic is the old has decided to take on Itunes and Netflix using… Roxio. If moves like this keep the stupid from migrating into Sears Canada I’m all for it.

I will always have a special place in my heart for Sears. Way back when I was a kid, my family went on vacation to Florida. We scoured the toy stores looking for an Atari 2600, with no luck. Finally we managed to get a Sears branded one, which accompanied us back home to Canada and made me a very popular kid with my friends.

This is still stupid as hell, but whatever Sears does remains cool with me.