Seattle company may sue over "Vista"

By naming the next version of Windows “Vista,” Microsoft may have stepped on the toes of another software company just down the road in Redmond.

That would be Vista, a business software and services company founded in 1999 by John Wall. He was not amused when Microsoft announced its choice yesterday, setting the stage for a massive rollout when its flagship operating system goes on sale in fall 2006.

Wall, a well-known technology executive in the area who earlier founded Wall Data, is examining whether the name violates the trademark his company has held for six years. He plans to raise the issue with Microsoft, a company notoriously protective of its own trademarks, and may take the issue to court.

“We’re going to consider our options and talk to them,” he said tersely.

But some naming experts applauded Microsoft’s decision. They said it was wise to move away from odd letter combinations such as “XP” to an understandable word with positive connotations. Yet the name may matter less than Microsoft’s clout.

“If they called it Windows Garbage, would people still buy it? Yeah, they’d buy it,” said David Burd, owner of The Naming Co. in East Stroudsburg, Pa. “They’ve got something like 90 percent penetration in the world of operating systems.”

I’m sure he’s going to get a nice chunk of change from the Evil Empire. (Unless they act like their usual arrogant asshole selves. Then it’s time to sue, yes?)

Then there’s all the other companies with products that have “vista” in them.

I wish they make them change the name. Windows Vista sucks.

Yeah, it sounds like the name of a shitty early 80s hatchback. “The new Dodge Vista.”

I understand Chula Vista is looking into its options right now.

You can’t handle the Vista, bwah!

This is the problem with naming things in the 21st Century. All the best names have already been taken!

Windows Garbage would be rad!

Heh they emphasise that Windows Vista will bring “clarity” to us all.

Why not call it Windows Clarity then?

Vista sounds okay. Microsoft can settle this.

How about “window overlooking a clear vista”. I’d totally buy that OS.

I hate the name Vista myself. I hope it gets changed.

Rumor says that when a blue screen comes up you hear Arnies voice saying “Hasta la vista, baby”.

I can imagine the next BSOD coming up with a rolling hills backdrop. Would make it a less frightening experience.

Heh. I got a blue screen one time since Windows XP was released.

I’ve had like 2 but thats in like 2 years or something so I am ok.

When I tried to max out my RAM I got several ones. Once I found the critical settings, I got none.

The few blue screens I’ve gotten in XP have been due to shitty drivers, not the OS itself.

That’s the exact experience I had with Win98SE.

Who else thinks that MS will just buy this company and then fire everyone there ? :twisted: