Seattle Qt3 Boardgamers Redux!

Okay Seattle boardgamers, here we go again. I didn’t manage to make it happen the first time, but I’m gonna give it another shot.

My girlfriend’s out of town until Saturday, so I’ve got the run of the place. I would like to invite folks over Thursday (4/29) afternoon/evening for some boardgame playing, snacks, and cheap beer. Starting around 3:00 pm and going until, say, 10:00 pm or whenever things peter out. People can chip in for pizza if they want dinner. Drop-ins welcome!

I’ve got two tables we can use, one for casual games and one for something more concentrated if there are enough interested players.

Here are the house games:

Cosmic Encounter
(Hasbro edition)
Deluxe Illuminati
Kings & Things
Lord of the Rings
w/all expansions
Mystery of the Abbey
Pirate’s Cove
Princes of Florence
Puerto Rico
Settlers of Catan
Taj Mahal
Traders of Genoa
w/all expansions

If you’ve got a favorite or one you’d like to try out that’s not on the list, bring it along.

So who’s interested, and who can make it?

If we can get at least four people lined up (myself included), then we’ll do it.

I would love to come. I prolly won’t make it until a little later (4-ish) due to this whole “work” thing, but I’d like to drop in.

Cool. I’m in for sure- Thursday is my day off. Good list of games to try, email or pm me your addy.

Sounds like fun. I’ll probably be late though.

  • Alan

Yeah, PM me your address, and I may drop by.

How late do you keep these things going? I wouldn’t be free until about 8–would everybody be ensconced by then? Seems like you have a small group.

If that’s ok, though, I could just get the address from DonQuixote.

You have Kings & Things? I love that game! I lost my set a long time ago, though, and it’s impossible to find now. On eBay, it sells for the big bucks. Not Talisman big, but close.

Yeah, I saw that on his list, and have hopes of getting people to play it. I actually have a copy too, but haven’t gotten to play it since I picked it up on eBay a couple of years ago (I think it was for ~$65- I go t it from someone in the UK). Too many games, not enough time…

Hey kaiju,

We probably won’t run past 10, 11 pm at the latest. Turns out my girlfriend is coming back tomorrow instead of Saturday, and she’s cool with the whole thing, but we can’t run too late. By all means drop by if you feel inclined, though!

Since everyone seems to have real jobs, I’m going to push back the start time a little further, to 5:30 - 6:00 pm. That way we can ensure enough people will be present at once to get a decent-sized game started.

See y’all there!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Lutes for hosting this last night. Just a few of us were there - Jason, Alan Au, Anaxagoras, Kaiju!, and Myself, but we had an excelent time, even if I got my butt whipped during the pirate game. :oops:

Next time - Kings & Things!. :D

Yup… next time, Kings & Things. And no dice. I used to like dice games, but after seeing Don Quixote get some of the worst luck possible when rolling dice, I’m beginning to think that maybe dice can be a bit frustrating sometimes.

Come to think of it… Quixote got some really lousy luck drawing tiles in Carcassone. Alright… no elements of chance at all! We’ll just stare at a wall for two hours and see who can count the most irregularities in the wallpaper.

Thanks a lot for coming you guys – it was a lot of fun! We will definitely have to set aside a day in the near future to play Kings & Things. Justin, make sure to bring your loaded dice.

Thanks for hosting, Jason!

I have a friend who used to practice dice-throwing. I can no longer remember if he was being facetious about it or not. We used to joke that he actually did manage to roll a disproportionate number of 1s and 6s (as needed). It was a creepy localized dice-advantage, kind of like “tempo,” but for dice.

  • Alan

Screw watching the wallpaper peel, Diplomacy has no luck!!

errr. Too bad that game really isn’t my cup of tea. :/

It wasn’t the luck that I have a problem with, but there were absolutely no opportunities to work around it drawing badly in Carccasone didn’t bother me wo much- I could have still tried a different strategy (contesting with y’all for the ‘one big farm’, etc.). In the Pirate game, when you’re down, it’s easy for the others to keep you down- even if they don’t mean/want to. Ah well, it was fun anyway. Pirates make everything better. :)