Seattle Qt3 night of ACTUAL GAMES: when can you come?

By Denny’s suggestion, clarifying that the poll was in error and subsequent decisioning decided on

Friday, July 15, 2011, 7:30 pm, RepoMan’s house in Kirkland.

Precise coordinates to be sent by PM on 7/1 to anyone who replied that they can make this date.

Queries about attendance intent to be sent to all who didn’t reply about this date but only about some other, now-obsolete date.

I’m up for any of those times.

I seem to recall your abode being located far from where the buses roam. Be this true?

Because I’m apparently deficit at realizing it was a multiple choice poll I only selected Friday July 1st, but I could probably do the Saturday July 2nd too. Would be good times to see everyone.

Whenevs works for me. Send around an S+! ;-)

I’m not sure if we’re doing anything July 4 weekend, so I chose the following weekend. But I could probably do Friday July 1 as well. Nixon66 and I could get into a real-time Uniwar battle!

If you get on board July 1, then it is currently in the lead…

Repo, should we do a signup to bring some food? I could bring some guacamole or maybe something sweet if you prefer.

I likes me some AVOCADO so I would vote for whackamole personally (as I whimsically pronounce it). Thanks! I am fine either way with signup, people can go nuts here in the thread.

Panda, I will PM you my address and you can assess the bus situation for yourself. I am sure there is a bus that will get you within a couple blocks of here at worst. No idea how many times you might have to transfer, though…

Transfers look alright, but now I gotta make sure I can actually get back. I’m spoiled living in Seattle 'cuz the buses basically never stop running, but outside the city there’s a real chance I could get stranded. I LOVE NOT HAVING A CAR =D

This sounds like a good thing. Bring it on Denny!

I’ll be in Seattle again 2 weeks after your meetup.

BTW, that July 1 date remains iffy for me; depends if we have family come in town that weekend, and what night they arrive. Nixon, can’t do the following weekend?

Panda, I haven’t committed to coming (guess it will be down to the final date decision) but I live in West Seattle so I could give you a lift back home if needed.

I may be able to do the following weekend, but am not sure just yet. It’ll depend on if I have my son back that weekend or not, but I’ll keep on top of the issue and update soon!

Aw, that’s very nice of you. I live in the university district so uh, I guess that’s sorta-kinda on the way maybe maybe? Even if you don’t go, I highly appreciate the offer. As a complete nobody, I fully expected absolutely no help on this issue. :p

Dude, Qt3’s all about the helping! If I didn’t live in Timbukthree I’d offer as well. We enjoyed having ya at the last one.

But in general, it’s a helpful lot. Like when Doug Erickson asked me to help him with his fun little prank, hiding new rats all over Elhajj’s yard every day, I jumped all over it!

Well, I certainly appreciate you sayin’ that. Even though I barely said anything last time. >_> Y’all seemed to have plenty 'nuff to say without me.

But err, I said I didn’t expect anything, because… well, I guess I’m used to people telling me to shaddup and deal with transportation on my own. Maybe I’ve just been around too many jerks. It’s not even that I’m crippled or don’t know how to drive or anything like that, I just can’t afford one of them crazy machines right now. And at the rate I’m going I won’t be able to get one before all the oil’s gone anyway so whatever ha ha ha! =D

Well, I know Denny and I are transplanted southerners so we probably carry around that good old hospitality.

And I grew up in extreme Southeast Alabama, otherwise known as Pensacola, FL. Technically not really part of The South, but close enough.