Seattle Retro Gaming Expo 2014

So sure, there’s PAX somewhere down the road this summer, but we’ve got the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo right around the corner, June 28 and 29! Could be fun! Anyone thinking about making an appearance this year? I haven’t actually been before but I am a huge fan of old stuff, being a relatively old thing myself. I do love to talk to other collectors as well, so this might be just the place. Anyone in the area, or planning a trip to the Seattle area around this time, what do you say? Could be fun!

I’m in.

In town that week I mean.

OK this one seems weird but I didn’t really see the point in creating a new topic when there’s a perfectly good and only slightly used one right here! So - anyone checking out the Seattle Retro Gaming Expo this year? I’m thinking I could take the kids with me, go wander around the Pacific Science Center maybe, then somehow find my way over to the Expo totally by accident. Man, I’m good.