Second picture from the left

Which Telltale game is that (second picture from the left)?

It’s their Borderlands licensed adventure title.

Tales of the Borderlands was my family’s favorite of all their series.

I think you mean…

Would that be a good Telltale game series even if you’ve never played any Borderlands games and know nothing about it whatsoever?

Yes, I never played Borderlands and did enjoy the Telltale game.

I’m having a massive love affair with Telltale games right now because I am just enameled with “Wolf Amoung Us”. My wife and I are doing a second full playthru where instead of being a nice wolf I’m as violent as possible. It goes against my very nature as a person so it is actually hard to push the button to be “mean”… I cringe

My kids (ages 19 - 22) played Tales from the Borderlands (thx, @sillhouette) together. It was a ton of fun. We would vote on all the decisions. We also played Wolf Among Us together.

I tend to wait until all the episodes are completed and go on sale. My youngest son owns The Walking Dead but would not finish it because of some of the decisions he had to make in the game.

I have never watched the Game of Thrones so have not bought that Telltale game.

Exactly what Jen and I do. Pretty awesome how well it works like that. :)