Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election

And Republicans will do nothing or cheer

So here is my question: I recall it being said with respect to the info he handed to the Russian’s last year that the president can declassify anything he wants. Was that a true statement at the time or was that just made up nonsense to justify what he did? If that was true, how does it apply here?

Yes, the President has the authority to declassify anything.

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The President has the authority to declassify whatever he wants.

… However, that action may also constitute obstruction of justice, if the President did it with the intent of hindering an investigation. (E.g. blowing the identity of an undercover agent with the intention of shutting the investigation down.)

This is long and not that interesting, I skimmed the last page, but.,

TL:DR “Russia has issued more diplomatic notes on the defendant’s behalf in the past month than for any other Russian citizen imprisoned in the United States in the past year. Put simply, the Russian government has given this case much more attention than other cases.” This isn’t because the care about Mariia

Makes one wonder if someone in the field office that was responsible for other shenanigans there was potentially sitting on the dossier.

I guess no one will really be surprised to learn the very stable genius ordered all those documents to be declassified without knowing what’s in them:

This excerpt from Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist Greg Miller is chilling:


Hello, doctor.

Ruh roh, raggy. That doesn’t look good.

The worst part of all of this is that even if Mueller nails Trump with collusion and he’s thrown in prison/executed/castrated/etc, we’re still stuck with President Pence, who would only be President due to the collusion in the first place. They should both be removed in that case, replaced by one of the Parkland survivor kids or maybe The Rock, not sure yet.

I don’t think any of those Parkland kids are 35 quite yet. ;-) But Dwayne Johnson would most definitely be an improvement.

Rod is out by Monday and Mueller fired by Tuesday.

Thanks NYT for ending Democracy.