Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election

This excerpt from Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist Greg Miller is chilling:


Hello, doctor.

Ruh roh, raggy. That doesn’t look good.

The worst part of all of this is that even if Mueller nails Trump with collusion and he’s thrown in prison/executed/castrated/etc, we’re still stuck with President Pence, who would only be President due to the collusion in the first place. They should both be removed in that case, replaced by one of the Parkland survivor kids or maybe The Rock, not sure yet.

I don’t think any of those Parkland kids are 35 quite yet. ;-) But Dwayne Johnson would most definitely be an improvement.

Rod is out by Monday and Mueller fired by Tuesday.

Thanks NYT for ending Democracy.


Does seem likely leaked by the Trump admin.

NYT takes the bait every time.


(From 11/2016)

More on that:

Sorry it’s buzzfeed, I’m linking the story off reddit, of course. At least it’s not, “Trump Tower Meeting Planners did 10 things that’s driving Mueller wild! You’ll never believe item 10!”

I don’t think you need to apologize for Buzzfeed News. I think they have been on the short list for the Pulitzer Prize and their reporting can be really legit.

I dunno I thought they were one of the clickbait sources. Maybe I’m thinking of a different news site?

BuzzFeed news and BuzzFeed are two different organizations. One does real long form journalism that has won awards, the other pays the bills.

Today I learned. I had no idea.

Me neither.