Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election

If anyone should know to keep their mouths shut, it should be lawyers. What’s wrong with these clowns?

Rudy is “special”.

One frisk too far for Uncle Roo-Goo.


Interesting disparity above and below this line:

The idea of Flynnn being entrapped, when he was sacked from the Trump admin for lying, is kind of hilarious.

The CNN article on this made it clear it was part of an ongoing appeal of a judge’s ruling about a Grand Jury subpoena. Probably a big deal, but one we might or might not ever find out about. Lots of high-powered lawyers involved.

Heh, Popehat had to talk about RICO.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Ken hates RICO.

His statement sort of works for them too, especially Soros.

The Clintons were always sort of shady, so I get people that don’t trust them, but compared to Trump they have seven wings and a halo.

A new NBC/WSJ poll is out on the public’s opinions on Trump’s various crimes.

The bad news: a third of the public still thinks Trump has been “honest and trustworthy” about the Mueller probe, and 44% say the investigation has not given them any “more doubts” about Trump (though the way the question is phrased I guess I would also answer “no more doubts,” since I knew Donnie was a corrupt moron traitor when he was elected.)

But, small steps. The numbers are headed in the right direction. The percent saying Trump has been dishonest about the Russia investigation has gone up from 56% in August to 62% now; the percent saying Trump himself is guilty of wrongdoing has gone up from 40% to 46% since the summer.

Guys, it’s not illegal if you don’t think you’re going to win, right? RIGHT?!

This whole thread about Guilini’s appearance this morning is bonkers.

I mean, this argument

And here’s Rudy thinking on his toes

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