Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


I’m even more not ok with how much various parties (including the White House) seemed to know, and for how long they knew it it, given how little they seem to have done about it. Good thing they are calling for all these inquiries after the fact.



Yup. (Edit: Discourse is denying me the preview feature, no doubt due to my overuse of it.)

President Obama said on Thursday that the United States would retaliate for Russia’s efforts to influence the presidential election, asserting that “we need to take action,” and “we will.”

The comments, in an interview with NPR, indicate that Mr. Obama, in his remaining weeks in office, will pursue either economic sanctions against Russia or perhaps some kind of response in cyberspace.

Mr. Obama spoke as President-elect Donald J. Trump on Thursday again refused to accept Moscow’s culpability, asking on Twitter why the administration had waited “so long to act” if Russia “or some other entity” had carried out cyberattacks.

The president discussed the potential for American retaliation with Steve Inskeep of NPR for an interview to air on Friday morning. “I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our election,” Mr. Obama said, “we need to take action. And we will — at the time and place of our choosing.”



FBI - Nevermind, the CIA is correct about Russian meddling.

A day late and a dollar short, but at least it makes it unanimous among the intelligence agencies and blunts the “But the FBI disagrees” narrative.


The FBI bowed to the liberal conspiracy! Killary threatened them!


If Obama told Putin to “cut it out” or “there were going to be serious consequences if he didn’t,” and it stopped at that point according to Obama, how can he now go back and say there’s going to be consequences anyway? (I’m only half serious, but it was the first thing that jumped off the page.)

I know everyone is purely concerned with the sanctity of democracy and not who won the election, but Hillary blaming the leak of these facts without mentioning her own mistakes in campaigning reminds me of coaches blaming the officiating on the final play. Yeah, it certainly changed the outcome, but there were plenty of things they could’ve done differently that were under their complete control.

Just like the sports analogy, it strikes me as a necessary ritual to get the season ticket holders to buy in for next season. “This team is great, and we would’ve won if not for those darn refs!”

I can’t really blame them.


I find the sports analogy to be very strange. This is not a single one-shot game. If the Russians got involved, I cannot imagine anyone not caring about that unless someone is only purely concerned about who won the election.


Yep, witness Trump’s own reaction, which is to completely dismiss it as false. Very reassuring from our President Elect. Glad he’s looking out for the country!


Right. To continue the sports analogy, there’s a natural human tendency to over-emphasize what happened in the final seconds. There are a lot of plays, and points scored early are worth the same as the ones scored in the end, but we tend to focus on what someone did at the last moments.

I re-read an article and it sounds like her comments were leaked (heh) and she only blames part of her defeat on that, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that she’s addressed the other flaws but the news media has chosen not to mention that part.


But I don’t care if it was two seconds before the final poll closed or two years. If a foreign power is actively trying to manipulate our voting process, we need to investigate that. If our president elect owes millions, a fortune, to that same power, that needs to be investigated. if they have relatively easy access to hack various political systems and powers, that needs to be investigated. If the response to finding the hacking was not sufficient or downplayed, that needs to be investigated.

None of that has anything to do with who won.



Recently, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has received requests from Members of Congress, several Electors of the Electoral College and the general public for additional information on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

On October 7, 2016, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence publicly stated that they were “confident” that the Russian government directed compromises of emails from U.S. persons and institutions and that these thefts, as well as disclosures of alleged hacked e-mails by the Guccifer 2.0 persona, were intended to interfere with the U.S. election process. The Secretary and DNI also expressed their belief that “only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.” We continue to stand by this statement.

The President has recently directed the Intelligence Community to conduct a review of potential foreign interference in presidential elections dating back to 2008. This effort is ongoing and involves sensitive classified information. Once the review is complete in the coming weeks, the Intelligence Community stands ready to brief Congress and will make those findings available to the public consistent with protecting intelligence sources and methods.

“… a review of potential foreign interference in presidential elections dating back to 2008”. Interesting.


Wait, so if the refs make a bad call that changes the outcome of the super bowl, the team that lost should just shut up and focus on the reasons the game was even that close in the first place? It’s their fault for not winning by so much that a bad call couldn’t change the outcome? That’s ridiculous.


Sorry, this is the lives of 400 million people about to be screwed over (minus the top 1%), not a damned game of throwing a ball around.


This just gets weirder and weirder.


Yeah, they’ll “authenticate” it for us.

For that matter so will Russia. Assad also offering his help.



Maybe! they! worked! for! Yahoo! before! starting! in! the! FBI!



Read the very next tweet:

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