Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


Liberal bastion Mother Jones reported on it in those halcyon pre-election days.


Make of them jumping in on this what you will.


Wikileaks dislikes it? Well that adds some credibility!

Note I am entirely suspect of any individual claims in the leaked report, however that some of the improprieties included are probably true I view as almost certain.


Your measured response from The Leader.


Wow, all caps. Maybe he’ll have a heart attack on the toilet.


The irony is just laughably staggering. How do you like a taste of that medicine? Here’s to a Trump Presidency filled with day upon day of that bitter medicine.




It’s Happening!!!


Someone should create a Twitter account that pretends to be Obama throughout his presidency, reacting to everything like he’s a giant baby.


The responses are glorious. All of this on his official feed so you know he’s seeing it all. The world is laughing at him.

Meanwhile, assuming there’s a kernel of truth to all of it, the pissing hookers thing is far from the worst of it. Did Trump actively pressure the Republicans to change their official stance on the Ukraine because he was being blackmailed by the Russians? If so, he’s not even in office yet and he has already acted as a foreign agent.

The coordination between Trump surrogates and Soviet intelligence sources was obvious as it was happening so you know there has to be some truth to that.

The fucking astonishing thing in all of this, and it was astonishing at the time when rumors of this report were circulating, is that the FBI felt the potential of Clinton sourced emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer were more critical to national security than any of this. Useful idiots, the lot of them.


I didn’t think to go read the replies. So…many…puns. It is like xmas!


Of course Russia (and possibly Israel) would interfere, just as we ourselves interfere in elections. I would be more shocked to learn that there were no outside influences. After all, Clinton didn’t win any friends in Russia or Israel with her comments.

For those going apoplectic over the nuclear comments…don’t worry. People like me will not let a madman destroy humanity. : )



Any truth to the rumor they’re rebranding the GOP as the Lemon Party?




Shouldn’t all of this be over in the optimism thread?


The fun seems to have spilled over and is flowing freely!


I don’t anything is really happening. This election has taught me one thing, nothing matters.