Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


It doesn’t even matter if this is true, because everyone is making fun of him for it.

And he’s going to flip the fuck out over it, because he’s an imbecile.


It’s been worth it just for the constant stream of puns.


I suppose it’s illegal but I don’t mind, too much, that Trump (allegedly) hired prostitutes. Sex workers. I suppose it’s a little deviant but I don’t mind that he hired them (allegedly) to engage in watersports. I suppose it’s petty and stupid and wasteful and ridiculous to ruin a mattress on the off chance that in some cosmic sense it diminishes someone who previously slept on it. Why couldn’t he just use a voodoo doll like the rest of us? And if he had whores urinate on a hotel bed simply because a political rival once slept in that hotel bed, what will he do now that he will live in the same house where that rival lived for eight years?

People who live in white houses shouldn’t pee on their mattresses, is what I’m saying.


It’s not about the golden showers, that’s just the cherry on top. It’s all the treasonous bits that will hopefully be enough to finally bring him down.



None of it can probably be proven, that’s why supposedly this document has been floating around for months. Unless the Russians wants to move against their man, it’s all just heresy.

And what if it true and something can be done…we are left with Pence who will do everything the GOP wants. As terrible has Trump is, he has his own agenda that the republicans aren’t always in step with. The whole thing is just embarrassing and frustrating.



But he won’t destroy the world, or the Union.


Yep, he’s a Republican with a lot of positions I strongly disagree with. I can work with that, though. I won’t be very happy considering they control Congress as well, but thems the breaks.


Pretty much. I have plenty of problems with Pence, but if he was President I could definitely live with it.


“Trump, are you colluding with Russia and prostitutes”

“That’s totally not verifiable! You totally can’t verify that!”

Kind of weird way to put it right?


I laughed out loud.




Trump is a Goldwater Republican. Who knew? (Not my joke.)


Yeah, the CIA has a lot of experience toppling governments. I wouldn’t really want to immediately be making them an enemy.


Luckily I just finished drinking my glass of milk before reading that, otherwise you’d owe me a new keyboard.


No, the world is laughing at us.

None of this matters anyway. When the man can say absolutely the most heinous, disgusting things in public venues, then simply say he didn’t, and have people accept that explanation, what the hell does the truth matter anymore?


The skeleton of the claims in the report were already crystal clear. So many highest-level Trump staff with strong connections to Russia. Trump making that one change to the GOP platform – on Nato and Ukraine. The constant Putin praising, just interview after interview where Trump literally can’t say a bad word about anything Russian even murdering journalists. “Well, the US killed a lot of people too.” Russia Medal of Friendship holder Rex Tillerson as our SoS.

It might be blackmail, it might be political opportunism, it might just be that Trump really admires strong men. From my point of view they are all terrible.


If the NPR report is true- that rises to the level of an impeachable offense for me, and my standard is “is this enough of a threat to the Constitution where I would consider accepting a military coup to solve the problem?”

Right now they state it is unverified, and an unverified report is not sufficient.

Politically it would make sense for the Dems to not impeach- let this hang over the Republicans for 4 years where the country goes to hell, then claim all of them are Russian agents working to destroy America.


I want to live in your world where Dems have any choice in the matter. The only thing that will matter is a smoking gun, and perhaps then only a literal smoking gun since Republicans won’t prosecute unless there is a groundswell so enormous it can’t be ignored.

Also, if any of this is true, Putin needs to get a message to Trump to tone it down a little. Trump is so dumb he is making it super obvious that Russian has something on him. If he were smarter his moves would be more subtle and only add up over time. Instead it’s like “RUSSIAN IS SO AWESOME, AMIRITE?!”