Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


It’s kind of weirdly funny that the foreign Russians had more dirt on a candidate than the democratic team had.

I thought one of the arguments for brusing and aggressive campaigns is to be able to “dig out all the dirt”?


I dunno, they got enough dirt out there during the campaign to bury a normal candidate several times over.


True there are Yuge amount. But Russians had more!


True or not, I guess the time when an American President could enter office with a presumption of legitimacy is gone. For Obama it was the “not born in America”, for Trump it will be “Russian puppet” (at the very least).

Still, live by the unfounded rumor, die by the probably unverifiable but sense making rumor.


His approval rating is 37% and he’s still not president yet. It’s just insane.


I am not going to link to it, but Trump say the document is a bunch of lies because Russia say so.

How deep you have to be in russian pockets to use them as the standard of what is true or not? I mean, forget everything else, this single twitter make it clear and it comes from the man itself.


Think about this: perhaps the worst part about these allegations is that NOBODY is using Trump’s character to defend against them. Nobody is saying, “He is a good man and never would do that type of thing.” They are all believable based on things that Trump has done that we know are true. That is a sad sad situation.


Press conference today will be fun.


Let’s hope it’s not a damp squib.


His continued Twitter meltdown this morning is great, a further demonstration of his Presidential demeanor.


That sure does sound like somebody trying to lie to claim they didn’t do something. The main has no grace and is completely transparent. Besides, the “no ties with Russia” thing is just a straight out lie that easily is disproved.


Well hey, if Russia says it’s not true, then that settles the matter, right?

Not for another nine days.


Was it not just a few short weeks ago that there was all this harping on about the horrors of fake news?

Everyone acting offended and mortified, think of the children etc?

Unashamedly juvenile. No wonder people have just stopped listening. The left and the right are stuffed to the gills with idiots.

No one published this in the months previous because it is an embarrasment to do so. No surprise new media arseclowns broke it eventually, and the rest follow to dredge as many hits as they can out of absurd drivel.


At worst you’ll be living in Stalin’s Russia…


Naturally, the first thing you think about when it comes to Nazi Germany is the press publishing scurrilous stories about the country’s leader.


This was first reported on October 31st,

It’s news now because CNN independently verified the existence of the 35-page document as well as the 2-page briefing addition.


And because the intel community considers the sources credible and both Obama and Trump have been briefed on it. The allegations could all be fake, but there are some pretty important people who are at least considering the fact they are plausible.


Yeah, normally I’d be more dismissive, but the fact this was actually briefed to the president and Trump lends some degree of credibility to it.


That’s exactly it. This floated around newsrooms before, and parts of these allegations have peaked at times, but that this has been verified to be included in the official briefing is significant.

Whether these allegations are true is another matter. However it is also worth considering the following @BadSport

The FBI had investigations on both these allegations, and the dickhead Wiener’s laptop.
The FBI chose to publicly issue a statement on one of these, and not the other
The one they did issue a statement on they had to come out later saying 'my bad’
The one they issued no statement is damning, even if only a fraction is true (and given what we know and is independantly verified from before, a fraction is most certainly true)
This almost certainly had a material impact on the election, given the tight margins in a few states
Oh, and the PeeOTUS? He is having a meltdown over the story. Not the behavior of an innocent man, for damn sure.

So tell me again why Comey needed to say anything about Clinton?


It is an exercise in credulity.

If you believe this is an accurate account of Trump getting pissed on by prostitutes in hotel rooms, I have some property on the moon for lease that may interest you.

You can’t have good fake news and bad fake news you know. Imagine if this was about Hillary, you’d be falling all over yourselves to exhibit disapproval.