Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


Walsh is on the rampage on Twitter.

There’s a ton more.

LOL holy shit.

Trump blocked his loudest supporter.


What has Trump done since the CIA made its report? His transition team has released a statement ridiculing our intelligence agencies and he’s named a candidate for Secretary of State who has close ties with Putin.

He has continued to not participate in daily intelligence briefings and there has been no indication that he’s met with President Obama or the State Department to discuss Russian involvement with our election. There has also been no indication that he’s made contact with our allies, Germany and England specifically, who say Russia is doing the same thing to them. That he has not even released a statement saying that these allegations will be taken seriously is particularly troubling.

Even if it’s not true, Trump has done nothing to address the concerns that we’re all having right now. How can this be the actions of a President-elect?


Because he doesn’t care what we think? He couldn’t be any more obvious in his indifference to what the population of the US thinks, or in his appointment of exactly the people he said needed to be taken out of politics. His voters should be calling for impeachment at the least and treason at the worst, but they won, so, it’s all good.


If Russia was responsible for some of those memes then we might as well shut it down now. They were really good.


It’s incredible to me that Senator Lindsey Graham is really the only republican who has spoken out about this. Makes me wonder what the Russians could have on the RNC that might keep them so quiet.


I don’t think the Russians have anything on them. They’re just soulless bastards.


So how is this investigation going to work with Tillerson as Secretary of State?


McConnell probably told them to shut up about it.

Odds are the Russians have a lot on them though. They hacked the RNC as well after all, and odds are there is some really damning stuff in there that could destroy careers.


That’s a post made by Alexandr Dugin a week after the election.

Translation: “So. Washington is ours. Chisinau is ours. Sofia is ours. Left to dry out the swamp in Russia itself”.

He probably shouldn’t ask Trump any advice on draining swamps. Interesting, the comments about Moldavia and Bulgaria.


Naw, it doesn’t excuse any of that. Republicans who care about our country should feel just as appalled as Democrats, and it speaks to the character of those who are not. I posted the tweet in response to notions that the Russians effectively “rigged” the election or that the election is “invalid.”


Former CIA Operative Robert Baer says if the CIA can prove that Russia interfered with the 2016 election then the US should vote again. (CNN)


That’s still a thing, right?


Obama expects a final report before he leaves office.


Chief Strategist and Communications Director of the RNC Sean Spicer’s response:

to this story by National Security correspondent for the NYTimes, David Sanger:

I weep for the future of the Republic.


I’ve seen the same people meme-ing in support of Putin and Assad as well as Trump. So Trump’s supporters may view Russia’s involvement or ties with Trump as a lucky bonus.

Like getting two candy bars out of a vending machine instead of one.

The Trump/Putin relationship may become one of the biggest bromances of the century.


I wouldn’t really call it a bromance…


The Right’s love-affair with Putin really kicked off a few years ago when he started coming down hard on Russia’s LGBT. Which simply tells you they’d love to do the same here; unfortunately FRC and other such lovely Christian orgs have to work abroad when it comes to pushing the legalizing of the murdering of gays. So sad.


What the hell is this ‘fake news’ crap, and why has it only been brought up since the election loss? I have never heard such utter rot. Half truths and defamatory lies hardly constitute fake news, just business as usual. This is just the latest idiotic hash tag that will be forgotten in a few months.

Perhaps it is the breathless and instantaneous reporting of any rumour by our brave new media that is the real problem. Bit rich for them to complain about it.

Putin overstepped a boundary previously not crossed, but Obama’s response was typically hopelessly muted, even for a President on the way out, and Trump won’t care. Bit of fire and brimstone from a sitting President over it would have played against Trump.


I think Obama was trying to play statesman and not come off as a sore loser. One would assume he had this info a while ago though.


There’s also the potential issue that proving we know about the hack could reveal methods and/or sources of information we don’t want people to know about.