Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


Politico at least is saying that Trump isn’t too bothered by this because his lawyer keeps telling him everything will be all right.

But even some of the president’s closest confidants on Friday were expressing some skepticism about the president’s confidence. “Trump still thinks there’s nothing to it and they have nothing,”

He’s been saying it wasn’t him on the Access Hollywood tape. Is it possible that he doesn’t remember that he actually is guilty? If he just says it’s all fake news, his yes men aren’t going to correct him.

There’s no smoking gun that’s ever come out. I think it’s plausible that the Iranians just really hated Jimmy Carter and didn’t need any encouragement, so I’m on the fence about it.


They should use Session’s new civil forfeiture rules to take everything Trump has when this is over


Narcissistic decompensation?


Very senior official: Jared
Senior official: K.T. McFarland


Yeah, they despised Carter with the intensity of 10,000 burning suns. There are allegations from credible-seeming people who say there was collusion, but no evidence outside of that.


What’s the basis of Iranian hatred of Carter? His relationship with the Shah?


Letting the Shah come to the US, and the attempt to rescue the hostages?


Well I assume this 10,000 burning suns intensity hatred would have predated the hostage crisis itself. Or maybe not. Maybe the failed rescue operation muffed Carter’s chance to resolve the crisis diplomatically?

All I remember was being in kindergarten and everyone talking about our poor hostages forced to eat bread and drink water, or something.


Well I don’t think their hatred of Carter really extended much beyond their hatred of the US for its support of the Shah, its help in creating the Savak, and its role in overthrowing a democratically elected government. They had plenty of reasons to not like us.


Ty Cobb likes Comc Sans.


Right, but presumably ‘us’ would therefore also apply to Reagan. Trying to unpack Dan’s claim that they specifically disliked Carter.


From what I’ve read there was a fear that Reagan would take military action. Don’t know how likely that really was.


That’s kind of how plea agreements for someone the prosecution has flipped work.


Sorry for the delay, guys — Fridays are nights of fun and frolicking in the _Theman household, lol;
This period of time isn’t my expertise, but basically Carter came across as very much the ally of the Shah but then expressed support for Khomeini (yes, this actually happened once upon a time). This pissed off the Shah’s supporters and undercut his base of power. Then, when things were getting messy and US allegiance switched back to the Shah, he (well, the US) provided safe harbor for him and refused to turn him over to Khomeini. All of this pissed off Khomeini’s supporters.

So depending on whose side an Iranian was on back then, Carter could be viewed as a backstabber who shouldn’t be trusted (as if any should?) and either decided the outcome of the revolution (by backstabbing the Shah) or caused it to go on even longer and be more bloody (by then supporting the Shah) and not allowing for “justice” to be done.

EDIT - so the Iranians didn’t have any designs for the hostages, but they certainly worked as leverage and they knew it was terrible optics for Carter. Despite claims that they feared Reagan, my understanding is that the freeing of the hostages was a done deal as soon as Carter was gone, regardless of who sat in the Oval Office.

EDIT #2 - just to clarify something: I actually liked Carter, despite a few obvious shortcomings of his administration on the international stage and in the Middle East. I’d argue he was one of the more truly decent people to hold the office. I just wish he was better at it.


Sounds like Mueller isn’t quite ready to start going after Pence.


It’s Kushner they’re eyeballing, it seems, no?


Yeah, pretty sure Jared is the next domino.


The failed rescue attempt. Seriously.


We’ll see how much DJT likes CrookedJared…I doubt he likes him enough to really stick his neck out, but we’ll see. Kushner is seeing prison time if his wife’s daddy doesn’t bail him out.


Not if he turns on Trump and gets a deal.