Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


Republicans desperate for power will elect alien lizard men in human skin-suits?


The argument that the president can’t obstruct Justice seems absurd on it’s face, given we have already impeached two presidents for obstruction of Justice.


Sure, but look at this from the defense attorneys’ point of view. They’ve got a client who is very likely in deep legal shit and won’t shut up about, you know, anything. They’re taking the legal equivalent of throwing spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. “They didn’t buy it? OK, what else we got?”


Let’s not drag pasta into this.



Once again, a Trump crony thinks he’s a lot smarter than he really is.


Manafort really is the dumbest person on earth.




A little more detail on the op-ed:

Prosecutors working for special counsel Robert Mueller say Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been working on an op-ed essay with a longtime colleague “assessed to have ties” to a Russian intelligence service.

Court papers say Manafort and the colleague sought to publish the op-ed under someone else’s name and intended it to influence public opinion about his work in Ukraine. The op-ed was being drafted as late as last week while Manafort is under house arrest. Prosecutors did not name the colleague but noted the person is based in Russia.


I already explained this. Yes, but not by exercising his Presidential powers, or by exerting his own 1st amendment rights for that matter.


Did he change Comey’s recommendation? If not it is much ado, about nothing. Mueller dumped the guy the second they were aware of a potential problem with him, unlike Trump with Flynn.


One is clearly a violation of law, the other arguably isn’t. I think it obviously matters in the middle of a campaign even if Comey was dead set against prosecuting even if she did according to the letter of the law commit a crime. Of course, that raises its own set of questions about Comey.


So I guess Hillary probably won’t win in 2016.

And I guess James Comey’s probe into the Trump administration is probably doomed.

Anything else?


Luther Strange isn’t going to win either. Take that, stupid dems! Oh… wait…


Nah, the entire point of the press conference was to say, “We got nothin’, there are no charges.” (Well, the real point was to publically shame someone who wasn’t being charged with anything in blatant violation of FBI policies … but announcing the lack of charges was the pretext they used.)

All the change in wording did was more accurately reflect the fact that they found nothing of legal import.

… but of course the loonies will seize this and decide it conclusively proves that Comey conspired with Clinton to benghazi Vince Foster in the pizza parlor with the candlestick. (Edit, oh wait, they already have. Need to be faster with my replies!)


Out of curiosity, do you think this is bad?

Because to me, this just further demonstrates Mueller’s personalism.

Months ago, a guy was involved who could have created the impression of impropriety.

And so Mueller remove him.

That’s exactly the right thing for member to do. He acted perfectly.

But if he tried to end an investigation into himself and his comrades, that would be an obstruction of Justice, right?


But it makes perfect sense if you believe that we’d be better off with an authoritarian dictatorship than a democracy. Which is kind of what Trump and his ilk think. The Republicans, certainly, have shown that they hold our democratic process and the rule of law in contempt. Power at any costs.


Watch the video.


He’s been regurgitating this for a while now. It doesn’t really have merit, for numerous reasons.

First, he presumes that no crime has been committed. There is very little reason to believe that is the case, given Trump’s long history of shady business dealings, and his history of business ties with Russian Mafia.

But beyond that, imagine what it would mean, if the president, as head of the executive branch, really had ultimate power over the DOJ as it’s being suggested.

He would largely be immune to any kind of repercussion at all, for anything. Any crimes committed by himself or others? No problem. He can just prevent any investigation into such things.

But that isn’t how our leaders are supposed to be. They are supposed to be beholden to the same laws as the rest of us.


As president, he is in fact the head of the executive branch and does in fact have ultimate power over the DOJ. As President, he is only subject to the Impeachment process, which is a political process, not one of law enforcement.