Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


There’s no coherent stream of thought going through them anymore.

The Uranium One thing is literally just “we didn’t collude with Russia, YOU colluded with Russia!”

That’s literally all it is. It’s the “I’m rubber you’re glue” defense.

It only works on imbeciles, but… well…


“You’re the puppet!”


That is true, but not the whole story. Johnson had no more love for the North (or frankly, for the USA as a constitutional entity) than most of the other southerners, but he hated the plantation owners in western Tennessee and the political upper class in Nashville even more. He certainly had no interest in ending slavery except as a way to stick it to the rich folks, and when it came time for pardons after the war, his only goal was to make the wealthy grovel for them; he didn’t really object to former Confederates resuming their places of privilege as long as they sucked up to him for once.

While his impeachment proceedings were, to be fair, pretty much trumped up charges, he was by most accounts pretty much a drunken wreck in the last year or so of his presidency, and while probably no one could have co-existed with that Republican Congress after Lincoln’s death, Johnson was singularly ill-equipped to do so.

Whether his botching of Reconstruction is worse than Jackson’s near-genocide of Native Americans is perhaps a worthy argument, though I tend to find Johnson overall much less horrible than Jackson, all things considered, even though Jackson was quite smart, had very coherent if often (to me) rather objectionable constitutional views, and at the very least was virulently opposed to disunion as well.


Yes, Jackson was more competent, albeit in generally bad directions. But I do like how he stared down South Carolina in the Nullification Crisis.

South Carolina, always starting shit. (Isn’t that on the license plate?)



Known perjurer who is supposed to be recused from the case feels goes ahead and publicly comments that the Mueller isn’t good enough at appearing trustworthy.


“Mueller dismissed a guy who could possibly have had a conflict of interest. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.”


They’re pretty much grasping at straws here. Since the Mueller shop is pretty much a legal hypermass from which no light or sound emanates, they have to jump on this little nugget that would in any sane world be evidence of a highly-ethical process.

Plus I’m fairly sure that no one in the Trump administration has ever encountered this “ethics” thing. It must look like a weird alien from another galaxy to them. It’s confounding.


Wonder what’s going on here?


Nothing political, apparently


But… but…


Least informative statement ever! That describes a warrant.


While everyone is watching the embassy vomit speech, Flynn’s offers to the Russians, “which will make a lot of wealthy people”, have been revealed by a whistleblower. BACK IN JUNE.


Moscow Misha can still fulfill his dream of being buried beneath the Kremlin wall.


Maybe this whole thing was hatched by Stalin and Beria over vodka at his dacha in 1951.



Bloomberg correcting. “People affiliated with Trump”, not Trump. AFP reporting it was Manafort. Hardly a surprise.

Also correcting, the WSJ.

“An earlier subheadline said a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller’s office requested data and documents about President Trump’s accounts. The subpoena concerns people or entities close to Mr. Trump”

You don’t say?


Personally I prefer “Shit-for-brains libtard press who have made two huge mistakes in the last week”. Is there a German word for that?


Reporters fuck up sometimes? I’ll alert the fake news media.


For the like… one person who may have thought anything Malathor says approached good faith, can we bury that thought now?


Yeah, better go back to sources that lie to you so much if they told two truths in a year it would be a miracle.