Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


“Libtard”? I guess that’s what passes for classy in the Breitbart comment section.


BenghazI! Uranium One! Emails!

A nuclear powered enema would be insufficient to the task for the likes of Malathor and his ilk.


Can you imagine if you went over all the FBI agents going over Huma Abedin’s emails and read their private discussions of Hillary? LOL.


When you think back, is there a specific moment in time where your life went wrong?


Malathor didn’t used to be like this.


Wonder if you hold, say, Fox News,(to use your prose, the ‘contard media’) to the same rigorous standards? ‘Two huge mistakes in the last week’ would be their best week ever.


Yeah, but it is a problem. I brought this up well before the election, but with the advent of social media, and the desire to get “scoops”, news media fell into the trap of falling all over themselves to report garbage. It destroys their credibility and plays into the “fake news” stuff.

I keep going back to this letter from January from Steve Adler (EIC at Reuters) to staff:

This is our mission, in the U.S. and everywhere. We make a difference in the world because we practice professional journalism that is both intrepid and unbiased. When we make mistakes, which we do, we correct them quickly and fully. When we don’t know something, we say so. When we hear rumors, we track them down and report them only when we are confident that they are factual. We value speed but not haste: When something needs more checking, we take the time to check it. We try to avoid “permanent exclusives” – first but wrong. We operate with calm integrity not just because it’s in our rulebook but because – over 165 years – it has enabled us to do the best work and the most good.

In particular, I like the line about “permanent exclusives”


Malathor’s tribe used to not put forward the scum of the Earth as presidential candidates.


Trump corrodes everything.

Had an engineer today tell me at work that Trump never lies, he’s going to be a greater president than Reagan, the tax reform will grow the economy so much revenues will increase, etc. Really my fault, because he’s an officer in some local Tea Party group and I asked him when they’re going to break our their colonial larping gear to take the country back from these rising deficits. But god almighty, the alt reality, the sheer craziness. . . .


It’s so weird when they are faced with a list of literally like 1400+ lies that Trump has told since taking office.

Not like… Weird opinions. Just straight up, probably false lies.


I challenged him on the lies stuff and he hand-waved it away as master-class political strategy. So I asked exactly what strat is revolving around lying about the Hollywood Access tape after having apologized for those comments last year? No answer.


He should apply some of the rigor he learned in his engineering education to his thinking about politics


He should do the opposite and apply his political doublethink to his engineering. It should make for some fun times.


I don’t want to generalize, but in my experience there seem to be a lot of people (mostly white men) in the engineering field with an FYGM mentality, who often assume that everyone has had the same breaks as they’ve had in life. Maybe nowadays that so many of their jobs are being outsourced to India, more of them are getting a different perspective.


He could be a modern day Bloody Stupid Johnson!

In the palace grounds is also a maze so small that people get lost looking for it. Another notable feature is the ornamental trout lake, built long, but, sadly, only one inch wide. It currently houses one trout that is quite content provided it doesn’t want to turn around. “Perfect for the dieting fish”. At one point there was also an ornate fountain which, upon being turned on, did nothing but groan ominously for several minutes before firing a small stone cherub a thousand feet into the air.


Sure. They sweated through engineering classes and worked 60 hour weeks and did well, but maybe so did some engineers in India who are willing to work for half their wages. Oops. Hey government, protect my job! Looks like my corporate overlords really only care about what they have to pay engineers rather than where they live.

Still, people displaced by outsourcing probably still support Trump. He made noise about that stuff he will never follow through on, but what have the Democrats done for them? Democrats were behind NAFTA!


I don’t… I mean, neither one of them are… huh?


The fact that Congressional Republicans would allow such an obviously absurd claim of privilege demonstrates how utterly without ethics they have become.


There was “an attorney in the room”. Republican chair of the committee Conaway was fine with it, so why aren’t you?