Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


But again, wouldn’t there be competing agendas, from different powerful groups?


That’s not alpha enough.


You say there are illuminati, deep states, ect., but all i see are Atreides that i want to kill.


The Kremlin Komrade Affair


And to think he is where he is today all because he happen to fall out of a rich vagina. Had he came from nothing he would be nothing. Trump would be a lonely old guy sitting in the park unable to connect the dots why his wife left him years ago and why his adult children refuse to speak to him. In his mind he was the best husband and father who ever lived so there must be something wrong with them.


read this

this is pretty much what I’m talking about. The idea of a deep state or a faction within government (THAT WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER), is not far fetched.

but go ahead, you guys know perfectly whats happening in the world around you. You have all of it figured out.


I think sometimes of the comment he made in one of the debates that he was helped by a ‘very small loan’ from his father.

$14 million.

Now a lot of people take $14 million and turn it into $0, so I’ll give him that much credit at least. Still, kinda shows you where he’s coming from. How he called himself “blue collar” at the PA rally and didn’t get laughed off the stage is totally amazing.


He sounds like an uneducated buffoon.


Oh he did that too. Four times in fact. Except it was several hundred million.


I mean, you do sort of sound like a crazy pants, but to be fair I was going to come here when the allegations from that anonymously sourced report (at the time) were hot and post an article from Greenwald about this exact thing.

Without worrying about the Deep State or the Illuminati or whatever, giving anonymous intelligent agents a complete pass when they provide information to the press about supposed wrongdoings is a recipe for all sorts of mischief. If some guy said, “I’m a counterterrorism agent and I’m here to tell you that Obama is a Muslim agent put here to destroy America, here’s my anonymous report from my very serious contact(s) in Iran,” you would not believe this person.

But the IC comes out and says Trump is being peed on and everyone loses their shit and says he needs to be impeached before he even takes office. Now, obviously this should be investigated, but there’s no reason just to believe these people based on “our IC is great, ok?”


True enough. But that’s not quite what we’re seeing here. It certainly appears as if there’s a broad base of agreement within our intelligence community and that of our allies on some of the basic evidence. The trick is, of course, that with intelligence the proof is often impossible to provide for security reasons. And yes, an alternative explanation is the “deep state” thing, though one doesn’t have to go all the way down the rabbit hole to find the idea of institutional and organizational inertia acting as an independent force too far fetched.

In the end, you have to look at the record of the IC in stuff like this. If what is happening now is unprecedented, then it means something. What, not sure, but something big. If it’s a pattern of behavior we’ve seen before, you could perhaps write it off as the usual friction. But it sure seems to be of a different level this time. As in, serious people seriously concerned about more than a political agenda.


Heh, yes, Greenwald does prove the existence of the deep state. Just not in the way you think he does.


There’s a “deep state” and there’s a “bureaucracy”. The entirely of social norms and government behavior does not sway back and forth depending upon whoever occupies the “elected” “throne”.


I agree that the actual actions taken by our government are approximating something correct, except of course they need to start a congressional investigation, and they should have started it a while back. What I’m saying is all of the liberals who are suddenly believing whatever they read just because of a simple appeal to authority. Let justice happen, people.


And with Chaffetz and his ilk in charge of starting said investigation: good fucking luck.


Yeah, that’s something to be protesting for sure.


Wapo out with a story now saying Flynn lied to FBI about sanction discussions. Oops


That’s prison time for anyone else in the country.


Pop quiz, Mr Sessions: what do you do?


Trump answer on Flynn at the press conference… “I have no earthly idea why I fired Flynn, he did everything right and nothing wrong, but I sure as hell was decisive and strong when I fired him!”