Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


From the press conference reporting, and from what we’ve seen so far of this presidency, apparently there is literally nothing you can say or do that will alter the conviction of Trump supporters (and the man himself) that they can do no wrong. Again, the real villains are both the elected officials who play see-no-evil and hide in their offices collecting fat paychecks, and the voters who play hear-no-evil because, well, hell if I know.


Looking at the #TrumpPressConference trending page on twitter is both amusing and sad. The true believers think he really took it to the liberal media today


If you voted for Trump and you regret it because he acts like the the crazy person he was during the campaign, you have to admit to yourself you should have known better; that’s hard.

If you voted for Trump and truly believe he was the only chance you have to keep your livelihood, to get it back, to better your life, admitting he is not going to do that or realizing he is not going to do that is hard.

Finally, if voted for Trump to burn it all down, because you believe the system is broken and works again you… they’re probably cheering. This is certainly chaos.


He did use the best words.


Forget the Trump supporters, we can’t afford to have all their heads surgically removed from their asses. Like I mentioned in another thread (or hell, maybe it was this one), what do the non-voters think? The folks who say this one out because of apathy or they figured “it doesn’t really matter who I vote for?” How do they feel now? And more importantly, how will they feel in 2018 and 2020?


Well I doubt they can get off their asses to read the paper or watch a press conference either so they’re probably feeling just fine.


They don’t pay attention to day-to-day politics unless it directly impacts their money.


Some of them sure, but all? I have to imagine some folks out there are feeling like GOB Bluth right now.


I figure you mean this:

But I figure this might be more apropos:


Right after Trump said “You’re fake news” to CNN, all of my Trump-supporting friends started calling CNN “fake news.”


I’ve been amazed at how fast the conversation changes. A day or two after the election I heard like 4 different talking heads on different news shows talking about how the founding fathers envisioned the electoral college to help balance out the power of the small states and rural areas against the big cities. That it was just working as intended.

And I was trying to figure out where they were getting that from, and simultaneously how they could so quickly organize a unified response.

In the same way Trumpeters seem to be able to take a statement from him and parrot it minutes later with complete conviction. And truly, really believe the thing they’re saying.


Also the group that refused to pick between two “evils”… but emails.


I meant the first, but I guess deep down I also meant the second.


To be fair, this has always been a big big part of American politics. Going all the way back to the beginning.


The REAL CRIME here is reporting that Flynn committed crimes!


And the fake news reporting real news that the leaks are giving them, and those leaks will be sorry for giving real news to fake news!


Just remember as Trump said today, the leaks were real but the news was fake. Whatever that means.


There are only two words in your sentence that really matter… fake news. Everything else is just words… focus now.




The FBI that came out right ahead of the election to cast doubt on Hillary’s emails… that FBI. I wonder.