Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election

This Rosenstein story is just the NYT being used to justify firing him.

Willingly used. The gray lady is a whore.

ABC now independently corroborating the NYT account of things, at least as regards the 25th Amendment stuff with Rosenstein.

Breaking: Deputy Attorney General Has Eyes, Ears

ABC pissed me off. The Nightly News pretty much reported the story as a done deal. Word for word what the NYT reported. Nothing about the other side. They are usually more balanced. Very disappointing.

They’re claiming their own independent verification from their sources. They’re going to go with the story they’ve got.

Heavens no. Maggie never gets actual news, just White House reactions to stories other people report. That, and puff pieces on Javanka.

Anyway, anyone who remembers Judith Miller will hardly be surprised that the NYT is involved in retailing what a Republican White House wants to hear. (Or not hear, in the case of the surveillance story.)

Seriously, one more time: fuck the New York Times.

Well played, NYT: you’ve put yourself in a position where Fox News can raise their eyebrows at your reporting.

I’m shocked that Rosenstein isn’t fired yet. And that Trump has said nothing.

This makes me feel worse instead of better.

Sean Hannity told trump it’s a trap laid by the NYT to fire Rosenstein.
Make of that what you will.

Is there a word for revising a previously truthful statement made to the FBI and Congress and the press after contrary facts become available to the same parties?

A mulligan? :)

Eh Hannity knows how is bread is buttered. The longer this dysfunction continues the longer he rakes in the ad bucks.

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FWIW here is an interview with Michael Schmidt, co-author of the Rosenstein piece.

You kidding? The ranting if Trump were removed from office would last for years


The really interesting thing about the Times story kerfluffle is that both the Trump admin and the power behind the throne, Fox News, have distanced themselves from it and are now busily telling the press that Trump should not and will not fire Rosenstein. So if the usual suspects aren’t the ones pushing this story, who is?

(And somebody is pushing this story, Schmidt’s rather desperate protesting too much notwithstanding. Not even the credulous NTY would spend a year on a thirdhand story and then publish it with such weak-ass sourcing unless there was someone persuasive selling it to them on a regular basis.)