Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election

Along with the WH push to release the documents and their amped up (but long term) push against the Mueller investigation, this would NORMALLY be a no brainer for the President to continue destroying everything shining a spotlight at all the cockroaches in his closet.

BUT, it’s nearly October. The GOP doesn’t want this front and center going into the election, as it will just fire up the cause to vote against GOP incumbents and challengers.

Trump even referenced this a bit with the recent grumbling about AG Jeff Sessions, and how, “replacing him for the new year,” might be more apt, and to get some change in for the Justice Department. Read: “My GOP handlers told me not to fire this guy right now like I want to, and to just wait until after the election.”

Yeah, I think this is pretty likely. I usually wouldn’t credit the Trump team for thinking strategically, but I think even they would be able to recognize that firing Rosenstein just before the midterms might lose them both the House AND the Senate.



pretty much.

Did Kelly accept the resignation? Sessions tried to quit before.

Well fucknuggets.


P.S. If you voted for Trump merrily go fuck yourself forever.

Well, if he’s being summoned to the White House, he couldn’t possibly be getting fired, because Trump does all his personnel change notifications from as far as away as possible, preferably via twitter.

Trump apparently in NYC. This would be Kelly accepting the resignation and or demanding it.

Once again, blame the NYT for stepping in it.

Also, as others are pointing out “Verbally resigned in anticipation of being fired” is pretty much fired, only with the White House’s spin on it.

So does Trump install a patsy to cancel the investigation before the midterms with Rosenstein out? What’s the next step here?

I don’t think he can b/c of the Vacancies Act? (That is if Rosenstein is fired)

Go Rosenstein. Make them fire you.

And the goddamn NYT got played like a grand piano at a Rachmaninov concert. Fuck the Times.

Trump can appoint Rosenstein’s successor if he wants. His advisors have strongly counseled him not to do that until after the midterms.

Nevermind… I’m an idiot.

So Axios – which has become like the online Mouth of Sauron for the White House – get leaked the “resignation” story and runs it.

Multiple reports now that Rosenstein is going to force them to fire him.