Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election

I don’t believe this is the case if he is fired.

I believe that if he’s fired, then the position is filled by his direct subordinate, until a replacement is confirmed by congress.

WaPo saying he has offered to resign.

What a start to Infrastructure Week…

The pit in my stomach has reached the singularity

Gonna stick with Pete Alexander’s reporting for now, as it appears to be the most current. WaPo info appears to be from that weekend meeting.

You know when the perfect time is to fire Rosenstein? Six weeks before the midterms! Nice work, Donald…

Can Sessions un-recuse himself and protect the investigation?

Nope. He recused himself because he had to. It’s a DOJ rule. He’s a potential witness, as he worked on the campaign.

Mueller presumably has a plan for this.

(I’m going with Cilizza on that; maybe Andrew Sullivan.)

Shot at Axios and the Washington Post outta nowhere.

There’s only so much one man can do.

The mechanism that our Constitution provides to stop this kind of thing, is Congress. If Congress fails, then our republic will end.

What about Mike Pence who wrote the anonymous op-ed~~~

Unless the voters who don’t like this shit ACTUALLY VOTE THIS NOVEMBER, this country could be fucked for the next 15 to 20 years minimum. God I wish I could personally grab all the non-voters and march them to register and then to the polls myself.

Just wait 'til Trump puts himself in as Attorney General, since he can multitask better than anyone in history, while the GOP fully supports the decision, remarking on his remarkable energy and ability to get things done.