Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


What is the thinking on whether yesterday’s raid of Deutsche Bank by German police (pursuant to a money-laundering investigation sparked by the Panama Papers) will reveal any Trump/Russia skulduggery?


They were there only bank in the Western world willing to work with Trump.


Right. Once you own it, it’s worth $50M. You never have to stay there. It’s a substantial bribe.


0.001% of of my total assets in exchange at being indebted/owing a favour to Trump?

Why would i want that?

I wouldn’t accept anything less than 49% of all Trump’s Eastern Europe holdings, under the guise of a joint venture between Trump and <pick a pet oligarch/nominee>

Look to Gunvor or the like if you want to see how Putin makes his money. It’s all about secretive, substational ownership in large companies (i.e 27% of Surgutneftegas, 4% of Gazprom, 50% of Gunvor) and substational property holdings using the top 50 oligarchs.


Another bombshell lobbed by Michael Cohen exploded late Friday night: He says he told Donald Trump about a phone call to the Kremlin asking for the Russian government’s help to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in 2016.

And Cohen also claims he was talking to Trump’s lawyers and White House staff in 2017 while he crafted a misleading statement to Congress seeking to cover up the truth about the Moscow project and the level of Trump’s involvement.

The twin accusations were made late Friday by Cohen’s lawyers in a case being prosecuted by special counsel Robert Mueller. They were contained in a sentencing memo in which Cohen asked for a no-jail sentence in exchange for his cooperation with Mueller’s investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election.


indebted? The bribe was to let him make Trump Tower Moscow happen. Trump would be compromised, not Putin.

If Trump needed the tower rather than just wanted it, I’m sure Putin would have had a proper barrel to place him over to make that happen.


You’re assuming the tower penthouse was Trump pre-paying for influence or a favor.

Now think of it as Trump post-paying for a favor or influence already granted, or as a sign of continued and ongoing partnership fidelity.


He also wouldn’t be indebted to Trump. That is basically Trump kissing the ring.


Bigger bombshell:

Conspiracy to commit felonies (lying to congress, etc.)?


Only inasmuch as “regular contact” is distinct from “talking to”.


I think at minimum the big problem with “regular contact” is that it would mean that Cohen was making public and false statements with the President’s knowledge and there was no attempt to correct the record call out the falsehoods. That’s another puzzle piece in building a conspiracy case.


Is this a requirement? If I know someone is lying but I’m not asked under oath I don’t have to volunteer that information. Right?


Legally very gray, and by itself it probably it would be more politically damaging than anything in a normal presidency. But if Mueller is laying the groundwork for conspiracy to obstruct or something similar, it’s a very complimentary piece of that.


Okay. I’m following. Well we’ll see eventually if anything comes out of any of this in the end, and if that’s true, well that will come out too. There are going to be some liars in this group. They’re doing illegal stuff. Lying is just the topping.



I would think if Trump’s counsel were coaching him on what to tell Congress, that would be somewhat important. Right now, we don’t really know what info was flowing and in what directions.


Ummmm … covfefe?


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Very interesting :


In fairness, everyone who corruptly tried to help Trump break laws and lie to the American people probably helped Mueller make a case against him.