Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


Seriously. Maybe @kerzain was overly harsh but haven’t we been on this merry-go-round enough times to recognize the ride?



“unrelated to Trump”

starting to get to the point where I can almost enjoy the schadenfreude


Is this a joke? In a normal world I would be certain a formal press release wouldn’t be issued in the form of a ranting, demented tweet, but now I honestly have no way to judge verisimilitude of anything associated with Trump anymore.


It’s a Twitter bot that takes his ravings on Twitter and puts it in that format.


KevinC is correct, the bot appeared after it was officially ruled that Individual-1’s tweets amount to official statements.


That explains a lot.


Sounding a little more unhinged than normal today. Perhaps something is afoot.


He was humiliated at the G20, backed down in front of China, his new NAFTA needs to get through Congress, he has no border wall, and his former whipping boy is fighting back.

I think it’s just a normal Monday in Trumpworld. I’m surprised he’s not golfing.


Sure does seem like Trump’s lawyers gave him a phone call with some bad news…


Suffer, shitgibbon, suffer!


Or maybe it’s the realization that his daughter is in the shit as well


Angling for those conjugal visits.


Someone out there is quick with the domain registrations. A young person needs to step in and prevent Rudy from Twittering personally so that he stops creating openings like this:

As a reminder, Rudy is Trump’s top adviser on cybersecurity.


That’s hilarious. Rudy does the best cyber!


Nah. The parsimonious explanation is that heard something on Fox. Probably this:


The miserly and unwilling to spend money explanation?



Key quote:

Mueller’s office talked to congressional investigators as part of an ongoing discussion about whether new subpoenas for testimony by House and Senate committees might interfere with Mueller’s investigation.

The response, which surprised one investigator, was that it would not, at least in matters relating to alleged obstruction by the White House in the Russia investigation itself. “What we were told is that the investigation has reached a mature enough stage that they’ve basically talked to everybody they want to talk to,” said a knowledgeable source who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter.

This would imply that Corsi/Stone/Trump Jr/et al would have nothing to add to any investigation, at least in my mind. Whether that would mean that Mueller isn’t looking at obstruction charges or believes he already has everything he needs, or will just let his memos speak for themselves, is unknown. IMHO, with what is already known, Trump could be indicted on obstruction based on public information already (provided a sitting President could be indicted), but given the political climate (and news climate) that would be really tough.

However, due to Cohen’s earlier deal, we already know Trump did commit campaign finance related felonies during the campaign.


I’m interested in seeing what kind of charges New York might be able to file against the Trump mob. He can’t pardon himself from those, right?

Hopefully he’s out of office in a little over two years, if not sooner, and then NY can bring him to trial. I bet he’s made a lot of enemies there over the years.


But the quote’s about obstruction charges, and Corsi/Stone/Jr aren’t primarily about obstruction charges but rather the whole Russia thing.

(Also, standard disclaimer about these sorts of leaks claiming to know what Mueller’s up to almost always coming from Team Trump - the fact it says “congressional investigators” is irrelevant, Devin fucking Nunes is a “congressional investigator” - and according to these kind of sources Mueller was going to wrap up his investigation by Thanksgiving. Of 2017.)