Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


He must have given a substantial about of detail. Trump and Co are fucked


That was my thinking. No jail time is kind of crazy, he must’ve spilled all the beans and had all the proof they were looking for.




No reason to jump to conclusions. They could be investigating Alddon T. Jump, or Tod Jandi Rump, or Maj. Lord Pundt!


I’m just guessing, but I do think that Flynn ultimately sees himself as some sort of Ollie North-style hero now.


Lol. All redacted documents required to be in monospaced fonts from now on.


Honestly, there was a time when Flynn was a great general and leader. He was not always a political hack. Hell, he’s still a registered Democrat.

But I think that the way his main military career ended really pissed him off, and made him vulnerable to the Russians.

But I can imagine, and this is purely my imagination with no evidence to back it up, a scene where Mueller is talking to Flynn, soldier to soldier, and turns Flynn back towards the right side of things. Some kind of Darth Vader redemption scene.

I can see Mueller pointing out that Flynn was a general who spent his whole life serving his country, and that he doesn’t owe shit to some draft dodging piece of shit.


I doubt it. The man who led ‘lock her up’ chants at the RNC is a man totally lacking in character. His exemplary character didn’t suddenly flee when he reached late middle age. It doesn’t work like that.


That would be poetic justice. And Americans love a redemption story.


Flake is still doing it.


Yeah, that’s great, but, again, Flake will be gone in January and all those judges will get appointed anyway.



[W]hile most organizations, political or otherwise, might take the time to prepare for this kind of slow-moving train, the Trump White House is all but winging it. According to a half-dozen current and former White House officials, the administration has no plans in place for responding to the special counsel’s findings—save for expecting a Twitter spree…

There are numerous other reasons no response plan has been produced, White House sources said, including the futility of crafting a strategy that Trump will likely ignore anyway. There have also been few frank conversations within the White House about the potential costs of Mueller’s findings, which could include impeachment of the president or the incrimination of his inner circle.

While this is fun to contemplate in the context of the Mueller probe, it’s absolutely terrifying when you remember it’s also how the Trump administration handles all kinds of life-and-death issues.


I think they will annex the Sudetenland.


This might as well be the motto for the last two years.




I hope Gruliani stays on as trump’s lawyer. He’s such an incompetent imbecile it’ll be great.


Yeah, it’s like Moe and Larry.


So some of the chatter I hear about the whole Russia Cohen Trump Tower What The Fuck goes back to the idea that Trump never really expected/hoped to win and was just goosing his brand and finances.

If so, that makes him the Max Bialystock of politics, right? Surely I’m not the first to have made that comparison?


What joy if it should end the same way…