Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


There is a lot of speculation that the Trump team intended, from the start, to win the nomination but lose the election, but I really don’t think these people plan that far ahead. I think their motivations were all about grifting opportunities. And as much as it amuses me to think Trump ended up in a Producers scenario, he’s been very vocal about wanting to move into the White House for decades Just because he was ridiculously unprepared for what it would take to be president and do the job, that doesn’t mean he didn’t want the achievement anyway.


Well, not so much that he deliberately wanted to lose (which I guess the Producers analogy would suggest), but that he genuinely didn’t expect to win, and so thought he could get away with stuff that might draw scrutiny if he did win.


More illegal campaign matters?

Reporting by The Trace shows that the NRA and the Trump campaign employed the same operation — at times, the exact same people — to craft and execute their advertising strategies for the 2016 presidential election. The investigation, which involved a review of more than 1,000 pages of Federal Communications Commission and Federal Election Commission documents, found multiple instances in which National Media, through its affiliates Red Eagle and AMAG, executed ad buys for Trump and the NRA that seemed coordinated to enhance each other.

Individuals working for National Media or its affiliated companies either signed or were named in FCC documents, demonstrating that they had knowledge of both the NRA and the Trump campaign’s advertising plans.

Experts say the arrangement appears to violate campaign finance laws.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where illegal coordination seems more obvious,” said Ann Ravel, a former chair of the Federal Election Commission who reviewed the records. “It is so blatant that it doesn’t even seem sloppy. Everyone involved probably just thinks there aren’t going to be any consequences.”


Spoiler alert: They were right.



Giuliani said it’s been difficult in the past few months to even consider drafting response plans, or devote time to the “counter-report” he claimed they were working on this summer as he and Trump confronted Mueller’s written questions about the 2016 campaign.

“Answering those questions was a nightmare,” he told me. “It took him about three weeks to do what would normally take two days.”

There are numerous other reasons no response plan has been produced, White House sources said, including the futility of crafting a strategy that Trump will likely ignore anyway


Sounds about right. Moron.


“The White House has no plan for ____________” is basically assumed for any and all things at this point.


Yeah, that was my initial thought as well. Even when there is a plan, it is by no means assured not to be torpedoed by the current occupant.


I’m impressed, really. To somehow piece together a coherent narrative from that imbecile in only three weeks is a herculean achievement.


Does this count as obstruction of justice?


If you’re a criminal, don’t talk to the FBI. Good advice, Sean.


What about zupdog? Surely they have a plan for that!


And the Bofa.


Witness tampering at the very least.


Angry grampa tweetstorm last night and this morning. Someone got bad news yesterday.

Brace yourselves. ;)

(Oh, and CNN Kelly is resigning, this time for reals, in the next few days.)


Two more Mueller filings due today:


Mueller Christmas every one.



She is good at the twitter thing.


Cohen memo is up