Secret Santa 2020 Speed Edition

May I recommend:

Perhaps to speed things up and remove international shipping concerns we should look for a digital gift for Juan?

Let’s leave that to Santa.

Juan will not go unsanta’d. Sorry to hear about that @Juan_Raigada, but don’t despair. We got you.

Woot wooot

UK participants too!

True. International for everyone, actually.

Do you think we need a backup system for future ones?

I’ll out myself as the deficient Santa.

I ordered the gift, and it was late. Then came another round of lockdowns, while work was unabatedly busy, as was my wifes’. Between the incessant asking of the kids, the work of keeping the house fed and cleaned and clothed and trying to keep my crew running, I just never got around to making a neat package and sending it on. Do you still want it Juan?

I am really sorry and I feel lame and ashamed and a bad, bad member of the community, breaking the secret santa trust like I did.

We’ve all had a rough year so don’t beat yourself up. We as a community have your back on this.

stands up

I am the deficient Santa!

That took a lot of guts Schurem, sorry if my post beat ya down further. =(

I hope things get on track for you guys, hell for all of us. I was out of work last week+ for the first time in 30 years of employment. It sucks. I’m lucky and have already lined up the next gig but it’s fing scary out there. I can’t imagine how much more stress it is having to manage a house full of kids who can’t go out and be kids.

Anyway, I am in for helping chip in on Juan’s present. Whoever is santa if you want to pm me let me know where to paypal.

I was trying to start a Spartacus thing…

Did it work?

Nope, appreciate the gesture though ;)

Its not a matter of money really, but more of time.

Don’t sweat it man. These are trying times for us all. I totally understand there’re sometimes not enough hours in the day, and I only have one kid.

Thanks to all 10 of you who volunteered! I will be in touch.

We could be like the Voltron of Secret Santas! Forming the best and biggest Santa.

Psst… it’s 2021 and time to sign up