Secret World Legends


They have some sort of gating on showing quests - coming back to the police station after visiting the Lady Margaret, everyone had more quests available than they did when I was first there. Not sure if it’s level based or progress based or what. There are definitely still a bunch of the little sidequests you can have three of at a time. Conceivably there might be a few less of them, I dunno.


Re quests - Once you hit level 10, a large window will open, telling you that you now have more quests available in the police station, from the fortune teller and the church - That should explain it for you guys.

No quests have been removed that I’ve noticed so far - Adding levels though, of course means that you cant start out going to a level 10 area as level 5.

Its of course debatable whether this is a good change or not, but it IS a change.


I never got my large window! I demand a refund. Oh, yeah…


This one?



Once you play TSW standard past Egypt, you’ll get Auxiliary Weapons. And then for Tokyo, you’ll have to get Augments. And then your li’l ol’ one page AP wheel looks something like this:

See up at the top? “Main Wheel”? You’ve got to switch to a different screen to get access to your other wheels, which are for Auxiliary and Augments.

And that doesn’t cover your skill point expenditures, which are on an entirely different set of pages.


The skill page isn’t really something requiring a lot of information for comparison though, it is basically ‘fire and forget’.

And as your images also show: the Wheel still shows more than what we have in TSL.




Goddamn this game. :D

I logged in yesterday, ready to say “I think I’ll move on from this…” I played a bit. Figured out a bunch of stuff with weapons, upgrades, talismans, etc.

Thought: “Oh wait. This is deeper than I thought…”

Played some more. Started thinking out a build. Started playing around with it, using the dummies in Agartha. Started doing quests, got hooked into the story…

…and I’m having a blast. I love that they’ve played around with some quests I know like the back of my hand, making them a little different, a little more intuitive and maybe even tougher at times.

Only regret is that the fixes for dungeon loot didn’t happen before the long holiday weekend.


This taught me how to upgrade gear:


I’d love to hear more specifics. I’m still very early in the character progression, but late enough to think they’re insane to provide so few slots in the hotbar. Why am I unlocking stuff that I won’t/can’t use? I presume they’re going for a Diablo style character build system?



Well, for one, maxing out each weapon active abilities allows you to access the capstone talent which has 9 levels that increase your basic stats at each level. And then of course, any passive stat boosts you unlock are applied to your character…whether you’re using that weapon or not.


To me the first thing is understanding the scarcities. You pointed out one, which is the slots in the hotbar. Another is weapon energy. As I work out a build, those are my two biggies: how do I get the most bang for my limited build slots of actives and passives, and then how do I make sure that I’m not just draining that weapon energy and gimping my hit rotation?

And then I’m also looking at gearing up. At a certain point in the game, you get a new talisman for your head, and the tali I got was attack rating primary. If there’s one thing I remember from TSW classic, it’s that while leveling, attack rating is EVERYTHING. So that’s another bit of gaming going on. I put leveling my other talismans on hold and get that headpiece to 20 pronto.

And then there’s the little interstitials on the passive skills bar that Charmtrap mentions. Those are gold, Jerry. Gold!


I’m in the same boat as you triggercut. I’ve spent more time in Legends than I intended, and it’s been fun. Still not a huge fan of the new combat system, but I get the rationale behind it. With the old system there are some eureka moments (Unlocking leeching frenzy in the rifle tree = endless survivability with blades!) except that certain combinations are so potent that they become pretty much mandatory. The new system is bland but friendly for players who don’t want to read about meta-builds and just want to enjoy the story. The end gameplay result isn’t terribly dissimilar, though it could definitely use an extra skill slot or two.

My biggest beef is still the inability to ahead during conversations. As well voiced as it is, I just want to read, damn it. I’ve taken to browsing on my phone while listening to mission intros.


You can hit esc to skip the mission intros if you want.


If you go pvp, all you need is a hammer apparently.

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I don’t want to skip the mission intros, I just want to be able to skip to the next line as soon as I finish reading it. For RPGs/verbose games, infinity engine games (and Pillars etc. by extension) got the right idea – voice a line or two to set the character and tone, let the player read the rest.


Thanks, I’ll pop in!

I haven’t looked into PvP. On one hand it should be more balanced now (no more immortal heal tank builds?) Or the other hand half the players are probably decked out with maxed gear from crates. On the third hand, PvP in TSW has always been terrible, so can’t blame Legends.


Yeah, I highly recommend never playing PvP in either version. I only did it at all in TSW Classic once they added daily challenges and dipping in once would net a pretty solid amount of black bullion and XP at the minor price of spending 10 minutes slogging through lag and completely indecipherable chaotic nonsense. No sign of a PvP challenge so far in this version so I am staying the fuck out.


There is no daily challenge but it takes less time and the rewards might be ok.