Secret World Legends


I dinged level 50 and cleared out all the missions in Egypt. I love how they introduced the jumping portals into the city of the Sun God, it’s now my favourite zone. In TSW I rushed through the area and never looked back because of the frustrating map layout. Now it’s much easier and I got to enjoy the quests related to the guardians. I loved the movie cut scenes for each mission, there was something about a squabbling group of kids who are doomed for eternity that brings out the pathos.


Arise thread!

I began playing this game this past weekend, and am really enjoying it. Still on the first island in New England but having a blast. Anyone else still playing?


I’ll be dipping in for some of the Krampus content for the holidays


That sounds fun!


Off and on. I generally at least log in for my daily reward and lifetime patron cache key. Over Thanksgiving I finally hit 50 and am mostly done with Egypt.


I’ve finished Tokyo and gotten everything up to yellow. Now I just log on daily to also get the patron key. Waiting for the promised new content to arrive.


Holy shit. A few days ago I ran into an investigation mission I’d never seen before though I thought I’d done everything main-mission-wise except for some Nightmare Transylvania missions and Tokyo in the old game. It’s called The Angry Earth, and apparently it was there in the original game as well, but I just missed it somehow. (It turns up in Agartha, of all places, and you have to do some specific Egypt side mission - as I tend to not worry much about finishing these, that’s probably why I didn’t run into it.)

Which turns out to be a huge oversight because it kicks off this gigantic quest line, the only one I’ve seen outside of the main story quests, running all across both zones of Egypt. Mysterious tremors, Atenists, the Secret World version of the tale of Aladdin, King Solomon, a classic Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones esque trip through the bowels of the Black Pyramid (complete with plenty of puzzles, traps, and torchlight) and a hellatious boss fight all await. It’s pretty amazing.