Secret World Legends


Not being able to carry my existing character forward is a deal breaker for me. As much as I’d love to see new content in the setting, I can’t see myself replaying the entire game to get there.


That seems like an incredible stupid Idea.

Most people would probably not mind starting a new character, provided at least some of their achievements, outfits and whatnot are “honoured”/carried through in a way.

Enough incentives and more people will go for the new servers, which should ensure a more healthy population for new and old players. The older servers could then be ‘scaled down’ in size, so the cost shouldn’t be as high. Do some events that can ‘carry across’ as well, and maybe the last few remaining die-hards from the old TSW will move to the new servers so you can shut it down altogether, or even “opensource” part of it so fans can run “legacy” while they focus on the new, just keep authentication with Funcom or something.

oh well. Guess it is time to buy Funcom stocks again… even though the best time was a few months ago.

First mmo I’ve played where I actually took time to listen to and read everything I came across.


Sounds like they’re moving to more of an instanced zones + major hubs setting a la Guild Wars 1. I bet that lowers server costs considerably.


This sounds pretty interesting to me, depending on what they do with the combat system.

Combat in the original game was one thing that rubbed me wrong. Standing there going full auto for 1-2 minutes to kill a mob just took me right out of the game.


I’ve always wanted to try Secret World. I don’t really play PC games, though. If they ported this to the Xbone, I’d be all over it in a heartbeat (Guild Wars 2, also, incidentally). Ah, well.


Since I never got as far as I wanted in TSW, this sounds excellent and starting over is no big deal. I too wasn’t a super huge fan of the combat so I look forward to the changes there.

I wish they had kept the “The” in the name. Seems silly, but I didn’t equate Secret World Legends in the thread title with being related to The Secret World at all. Only got here from the actual TSW thread that pointed here.


I bought SW because I kept hearing how it is the closest thing we have to vampire bloodlines, but the MMO nature of it and mindnumbing combat made me drop it. Zero immersion with other people running around like headless chicken.

If this is a truly soloable singleplayer experience and with improved combat, awesome, will give it a second try. Could do with a controller support and redesigned interface too though.


My prediction: Combat will be changed, but it won’t be different enough to convert anyone that disliked it before.


It is one of the very few MMO’s that deserve to be called an MMORPG. I loved the original, and I will absolutely have a go at this version, too. I just hope that, this time, Funcom manages to avoid the buggy launch that helped kill the original.

Of course, the other thing that killed the original was the lack of marketing. That does not seem to have changed.


They haven’t released system specs yet, but I really hope some year Funcom releases a native macOS version. Running these games through an emulator like Crossover is always a mess.


Has there been any announcement of a date? I’ve seen ‘Spring’ and 2Q floated around, but…


Launch date: June 26.

Can’t legally say much more, I don’t think.

Oh, and a launch announcement video:


Are you excited?


Um…potentially, with reservations. Still 6 weeks to launch.


Say no more. say no more…

PS I didn’t end up getting a beta invite… :(


I am excited for this, maybe I can finally play through the game without getting annoyed by other players. They usually just destroyed​ the awesome atmosphere for me.


The storyline is best played solo. It’s too good and too dark to deal with people skipping dialogue or chatting over it.

You do need a few pals for the dungeons, though. Most of them are really good, both from a storytelling and a mechanical perspective. They’re just top-notch PvE content.


From Funcom’s financials, Steam release is delayed until 31 July, but “launch through our own channels” will still be 26 June. supposedly because of competition from other MMOs during May/June. Not sure why this approach is better, though.

Two new games to maybe enter pre-production in late 2017 — a new Conan-based game and an unspecified IP being developed in North Carolina.

And, if you’re interested, they had USD 10.9m of revenue in 1Q17, which is more than they made in all of 2016. Post-tax profits of EUR 6.1m.


Like others I am cautiously watching this.

I have had Secret World installed on my machine a few times now (I even own the mega deluxe Ultimate tinfoil hat conspiracy edition). Every time I open the launcher client and consider pressing play I get sad that they made an MMO instead of a well crafted single player game and I inevitably uninstall the game and shelve it for the future. Perhaps Legends will be more in line with what I really want.


It’s going to be a free to play MMO so, I mean, you might like some of the gameplay changes better but odds of it being a singleplayer game are poor.