Secret World Legends


I just found out about this. It’s actually kinda exciting. TSW was never a much of a MMO, and to my great shame it never grabbed me, but it did reportedly have a fantastic story. I’ll be trying this out when it releases.


Combat diary:


Hmm, it’s nice that they switched to reticle-based aiming but the combat seems to still retain the MMO effect where there is no contact between a player’s attacks and enemy reactions/responses. It just looks like people slashing in the air and activating powers that just sort of happen near or around where the monster is. It’s like the monsters and players are in two different instances superimposed on top of each other in post processing.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but I just don’t think MMOs work for me. I was hoping this would be a notable deviation from the source MMO, but sadly it doesn’t appear that way. I would love to experience the stories, but suffering the rest of the gameplay to get to the meat isn’t looking promising…for me at least.


I loved this game back when it was fresh, probably my favourite MMO because of the strong single player aspect, settings, characters, puzzles/investigations, and atmosphere. Even the multiplayer ‘dungeons’ were really top notch, back then at least.

But now it’s looking pretty dated and I’m not sure I can go back. Is there at least a bunch of new content? And what will the free-to-play annoyances look like?

edit - paid stuff includes:

additional weapon pages, extra inventory space, additional characters, exclusive vanity items, and much more!

and no new content, not even all current content will be in at launch:

Secret World Legends will relaunch with the original eight adventure playfields, scenarios, and dungeons available immediately. In the time following the relaunch, we will release Tokyo, Nightmare Dungeons, Raids, and the rest of the content that is currently live in The Secret World.


This is one of those games, that if you haven’t played it, it’s certainly worth a run through. Great story, great writing, best quests in any MMO I’ve played. It also has a very unique character/class building scheme, that will certainly keep you occupied for a bit if you’re into experimenting with builds.

It used to be able to be played as pretty much a single player RPG, and it was really great for that. There were a few situations where you needed to group, but there is tons of content to be had if you just want to run around by yourself and check things out.

Highly recommended just for the stories/writing.


It should be an even better single-player RPG in the relaunch, as that’s its main purpose.


Without breaking NDA, I predict that people who want to like this, may find plenty to like. I also predict that people who are a little more circumspect may still find the experience wanting.

But…the price sure is right.


I carefully endorse this comment. And I’ll be there on the 23rd (as “Snit”).


Got my name reserved (you can do it on the Funcom TSW account page).



That’d be a cool move, I think that means making it just a general open beta for anyone with an account.




And a quick explainer for what an “active” account is: you must have logged into your account, even if you’re a grandmaster, within the last 30 days.

So…like today, do that if you want a beta invite.


Might have been tempted to poke around, but I don’t really want to download 40 gigs of the old client just to download a new client. I signed on to the portal only to find that all my character names have been generic-ized.

Have they clarified exactly what gets transferred from your old account? Losing all my hard earned augments and signets is discouraging, but being able to carry forward some of the achievement cosmetic items would be a decent consolation.


To be fair, 14 Gigs. I’m doing it now because, why not. I used to love this game. Hoping they can make a comeback.


Gah, that means I have to re-download it, dammit.


I liked TSW. I even still have it on my computer due to the power of large hard drives. Thus I have signed into my Funcom account the “reactivated” my account. All of my old character names are set to generic random things and I can’t seem to log into the game.

I thought the original game was going to continue for a while?


The Secret World MMO continues.


I’m still not clear what’s different from the original game through?

Looks like they tweaked combat, removed crafting, and some other changes. Doesn’t sound that significant.


They basically made it a multiplayer RPG, as opposed to a massively multiplayer RPG. It has a hub and instanced content like Diablo. The MMO stuff was the worst part of TSW; much like SWTOR it got in the way of the story. And even more than SWTOR, they’re ripping a lot of that MMO-ness out.


In a more negative light they are resetting progression and removing some missions/DLC.

I found the problem and managed to log in to both the account and the game but it looks like it was 6/9/17 00:34 by the time I did it so I might not get the beta. Oddly I’m most bummed that I can’t reserve the three names I had.