Secret World Legends


They’re not reset if you continue to play the MMO…


[please assume a grinning emoji)

That is true. The negativity comes from logging into my account and seeing the content that I have never reached. I really like TSW but now I have to chose; old content but new mechanics or new content and old mechanics.


Ha! Fair enough.

I would add some comfort by saying that the combat system in the end game gets SUPER fiddly. There are some interesting ideas in the AEGIS system, and with builders, and all that stuff, but it gets overly – in my experience, unnecessarily – complex. I’m hopeful that SWL will figure out a way to streamline that.


I caved and reinstalled TSW last night. I never did finish the last (couple?) of the Tokyo issues so depending on how the combat revamp goes I might jump into Legends.

It’s sad how empty TSW proper is right now. Hopefully the relaunch goes well, it deserves an audience.

But yeah, Aegis was no fun.


That travel world tree is so annoying to navigate.
Is that the Aegis?


I saw a video that it has been changed, it’s now one big room with little alcoves for each location.


That’s Agartha, and yes, Agartha also sucks.

Aegis was a protection/shield/damage thing that was an excuse to dump AP and SP into for fiddly bits for end game players.


From a youtube video I watched, they condensed all the old hub areas so they’re like real hubs. Sacrificed expansiveness in the world, but again, it ain’t an MMO any more.


Yeah, as Andon noted, they converted Agartha to a single large chamber, and not that weird thing with branches, which seriously sucked.


Hell, most of the cities in WoW aren’t much different nowadays, just places to sell, auction, and portal back to whatever zone you were in or need to go to…


So is this one of those betas where you’re just playing the game early and you get to keep all your progress when the game goes live, or is this one of those betas that’s actually a beta so, ha ha, sucker!, you get reset to very beginning and all your stuff gets taken away when the game goes live?

-Tom, asking for a friend


So in the launch trailer @triggercut linked they say they’re changing it from a “MMORPG to a Shared World RPG” (~0:20 into the trailer).

I’m not familiar with this term Shared World RPG. What is it and how is it different from an MMORPG.

[Edit] So I see @stusser’s comment from yesterday. So if I’m not in a social hub, and I’m not teamed up, I don’t see other people wandering around the world, and I don’t have to worry about them taking out my quest objectives and having to wait for a refresh? What about monster regeneration – one thing I find annoying about a lot of modern Action RPGs is they refresh the monsters at a really high rate in case other players come along, so it’s hard to move around, because even areas you’ve “cleared” don’t stay cleared for long.


It’s an MMO where you never have to group with anyone. And I’m not even kidding. That’s all that means.



This is one of those betas where “Ha ha, full character and server wipe when the game goes live in early bird whatever on June 23.”


Thanks Tom. That is the most useless new term ever. But I do appreciate the explanation.


In TSW as an MMO, it was often other players “breaking” the atmosphere though. You’d be getting into some cool, creepy quest line, and then some rando player in purple swim fins with a horse mask comes zipping by on a pink scooter and well, yeah.

Now you can basically solo the game’s quests and story line and then bring in groups of 4 or 5 (or join them in populated hubs and then set out) for dungeons/raids.


I assumed all the content was instanced just for you (and your party) like Diablo. Does it still have a persistent shared world?

If it’s still a persistent world and they just tuned all the content for single players then it’s much more like modern SWTOR than I realized.


Ah, triggercut and stusser have a point. By not dumping everyone into the same instance, you won’t have yahoos with purple mohawks and assless chaps faffing about alongside you. Instead, it’s just your own Sarah Palin avatar.



Okay, this is currently free to play isn’t it? I tried logging in and can’t. I can log in to the website and it even says I have a “game key” since I bought it on Steam a while back, but when I try to login in to the game itself, copying and pasting the exact same password I enter on the website, I get an “incorrect login information” error. Or is it not letting me on, because it isn’t free to play and I don’t have an active monthly subscription.


I had the same problem. I don’t know if there is some lag between the game client or what (I reset the password).

It worked later. I think you missed the time to get the invites though, they already went out.

FWIW the beta is on a separate account so presumably everything will be reset again before the official launch anyway.