Secret World Legends


We’re live!

I’m in as Triggyrcut (because “Triggercut” won’t pass through the very tight name filter…).

Need to check on linking to my TSW account.

If you were in the Beta, do this:

  1. Use your Secret World Legends .exe from the beta. The game will patch it and you won’t need the whole client.

  2. Use your regular TSW login from the MMO. The game should recognize that you have an account and you’re good to go.


Also see this:

You definitely want to do this if you had a character with some gear and cool clothes in the MMO version and you plan to play Legends.

You REALLY want to do that link if you had a lifetime (grandmaster) subscription to the MMO.


That’s AUGUST.

There will be tears in September over this, let them not be shed on Qt3…;)


I’ll probably go through the Legends version at some point, as I enjoyed the storylines of the game enough that it would be fun to go back. It’s been a while, so I only remember the broad strokes anyway.

I figure logging in now would be a good idea, to make sure my account works and such in the new world. Can I just re-install the game on Steam or is the Legends client something separate and new?


I think Legends is separate and different. Your TSW install will take you to the MMO, but if you want to play legends, you’ll need to install that instead.


No, actually, updating the classic install makes it Legends. To keep playing Classic you’ll have to download it separately. At least in the standalone client. I think this is a really shitty way to do it.


Shitty timing for this to come out since my gaming time is mostly absorbed by the new WoW raid, but I’ll be checking this out this weekend if anyone wants to try out grouping up. My character’s name is Crowleymass.

I swear if I have to do this stupid intro one more time, though, I’m going to hurt someone.


Cool. I’ll be around.


I’m still a little confused about this. It’s a separate game from Secret World, but it repurposes all the assets and content for hub-based solo-friendly gameplay? And Secret World accounts transfer, but there’s no progression shared between games whatsoever?

What’s the business model? Typical free-to-play shenanigans where I have to spend 100 SecretBucks if I want a backpack with more than four slots and 1000 SecretBucks if I want the assless chaps?

-Tom, still only asking for a friend



additional weapon pages, extra inventory space, additional characters, exclusive vanity items, and much more!


Unless you’re doing some high end play, you may not hit that paywall at all, maybe though. A lot of the real goodies are extra daily keys for lairs, dungeons, and scenarios. Doing just one of each of those in a single play session? You may be fine…


Well, not all the content, yet. It’s launching with the original eight areas (hoping with all the current quests in those areas, though it’s not clear, since some stuff was added to those after launch and I’ve never been 100% sure I did all of it). Tokyo and raids and whatnot are coming later, for free. And then maybe we’ll actually get new content, but that could be ages…

Also, it’s going to have actual, definite levels instead of the defacto ones the classic game pretended it didn’t have, and combat’s different, and so on.


Man, they are so committed to keeping a separate classic version available that not only does the patcher on an existing install of the classic version automatically replace it with Legends without asking, but so does the “classic installer” they provide to install it separately. Apparently if you replace the LocalConfig.xml file in the install directory with the one that they also provide (without instructions) that maybe fixes it? Except if it does, it only does before you run the patcher the first time. Which apparently means I get to redownload the whole thing again off already hammered servers at 1/20th the bandwidth I have available. :P


So, uh, this is just an MMO. I’m trying to RP my Sarah Palin avatar saving the world from zombies and such, but there are a bunch of doofuses with pink hair, dog masks, and dumb names running around ruining my immersion. What gives?

I guess I was expecting it was going to more of a Diablo style action RPG, but this is just a parallel version of the same game with streamlined/dumbed down combat and character development.



I’m just thrilled they got rid of that idiotic wheel of superfluous abilities.


Their installer appears to download at 10 bytes per second.


Sorry, if I missed something here: So, if I just want to play my old normal Secret World I can’t because next time I’ll start it will automatically update to Legends? Or did I miss something important?


I just got my early bird invite for The Secret World legends. The client download offers both a full and minimal option. the latter lets you download only what’s needed for the first 5 hours of gameplay (about 15GB), with the rest downloading in the background as you play.

About that transfer option you linked to:

The TSW Legacy Transfer is a ONE-TIME copy of your current clothing items and any remaining membership time from your TSW account over to this Secret World Legends account.

This service is only available until some time in August.

Using this service:

  • Unlocks all weapon pages for characters on your Secret World Legends account
  • Copies remaining Membership time from your TSW account into active Patron time in Secret World Legends
  • Copies bought or earned clothing items that exist in the dressing room of any character on your TSW account (some exclusions apply)
  • Copies bought or earned pets learned by any character on your TSW account (some exclusions apply)
  • Copies bought or earned sprint styles or mounts learned by any character on your TSW account (some exclusions apply)

As a lifetime account on the original game, this definitely sounds like something I want to do for the goodies.

However, I’m not sure whether I’m losing anything by transferring my (unused for over a year) TSW account here. Is it simply a copy, leaving my original account available and as before? Also, the list of caveat at the page you linked makes me think I should probably:

  • Re-download TSW and make sure no clothing packages were unclaimed.
  • Create a male and female character in TSW Legends first, as recipients for the cosmetic items.



Speaking out my butt, but I don’t think you need to have new characters pre-created to be able to get your stuff. Once you have a character that reaches Agawhatever, the UI will display an option to claim your transferred goodies.

You will only have 1 character slot by default, so choose wisely. (Folks are begging to get the original 3 slots if you previously owned TSW)


The reason I asked is that the list of things to be aware of on the linked page is pretty specific.

There are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Clothing items must be in a Dressing Room or physically equipped by a character in order to be copied. Unopened Clothing in your Inventory, unopened Item Store Claims, or unopened Delivered Items are not copied.
  • Clothing items are separate for female and male character models! To ensure that all clothing items can copy over from TSW, we recommend having at least one character of each gender model, with all potential items unlocked and collected in your Dressing Room.
  • This means that clothing items for male character models should be in the Dressing Room or equipped by a male character models. Clothing items for female character models should be in the Dressing Room or equipped by a female character model.Example: If you have only one female character on your TSW account, but own a clothing set with both male and female costume parts, only the female model outfit will be transferred to Secret World Legends. If you want the male counterpart, make sure to claim this outfit on a male character in TSW before initiating the Transfer.
  • Faction items are separate items! If you own faction-exclusive items, you must have them in the dressing room or equipped by characters of the corresponding factions to have them copied.
  • Characters with items you want copied must be active (i.e., not deleted) at the time you initiate the Legacy Transfer.

Though, rereading that, it seems like the limitation is more on having characters of both genders in TSW. So likely no worries there.



Yeah it is a bummer that those of us that paid Funcom for the original game get so little. Other F2P conversions treated legacy customers better.