A friend recommended Secunia. Is it something i need? Will it conflict with Mcafee? Will it cause problems with my installed games? How savy do i need to be to use it? I’m lazy and foolish when it comes to internet security.

Microsoft Security Essentials.

Yeah, get that McAfee off your system. Then do what LMN8R said.

Yeah no shit. I have been using MSE for a while now and it has been working great. I think it might be the best thing that MS has done for windows machines.

Secunia is free for personal use and it will inform you on the most important (dangerous) programs that may pose a risk at their current patch level.

From my experience it will not conflict with anything, as it normaly only scans and reports unpatched software. I find it really helpfull to keep the whole adobe flash/air etc up to date.

Secunia is very useful if you want to keep your programs up to date and patched, which you should.

I’ve used it on my computers from the first release with no problems, EXCEPT for my wife’s Vista laptop, which earlier this year after a new version of Secunia was installed for some reason goes bonkers, with Secunia slowly using more and more CPU and hard drive until nothing else will run. I have not been able to track down why it does this, so I had to uninstall Secunia on her computer and update stuff manually.

The latest versions will update programs automatically for you.

Achieving what? Sparing me all those Update Adobe Now nags?