See (Apple Original)

Serie about a post-apocalipse civilization where people have lost the vision. They have survived and managed to build a interesting society adapted to blind people. The serie have a lot of violence, politics and intrigue, but it fits wells the actors and its lots of fun.

“See” is a stupid name, so the discoverability is bad, I have not seen anyone talk about it, or a thread about it, so I created this one.

Critics were pretty down on the first season so I skipped it. I extended my Apple TV+ trial thanks to the PS5 promotion, so I do have a few more months to watch all their content. I hear Season 2 is coming out (or is out?). If I hear the show is improving, I’ll finally check it out. The premise does sound pretty interesting.

I have no idea why critics may not like it. Is a fun show. Season 2 is more of the same, if anything I think they do a few hard to believe twist that demand a lot of suspension of the disbelief from the viewer.

Is this related at all to the Blindness novel and subsequent movie with Julianne Moore?

I like the show overall. Cool worldbuilding. Super inventive combat. I think it’s worth watching.

It kind of leans way too into the gruesome combat to be something I like a lot though. I wish it was more talky and all about the lore. The blind on blind combat was fascinating at first because of all the weird technical tricks they used – I gotta give the choreographers credit for some really interesting scenes. But eventually I just got fatigued from sheer quantity of gore and brutality. I think this show would have been better if wasn’t trying to match GoT in those areas. SO MUCH MURDERING.

I’m not caught up on Season 2 yet, have only seen the first.

As someone who’s not watched the show but has moderate interest in it, I’m curious about some specifics. Can anyone who’s watched spoil me on a couple of things?


Do the twists involve anyone who claims they can’t see, but turns out they can see all along?
Do some people who can’t see, suddenly become able to see?

Knowing the above may make me more interested in watching.

I can’t explain why but I’ve had a strong aversion to checking out See and Dickinson, kind of like how I refused to ever click on Lilyhammer in Netflix when originals were getting going? I think it’s just the one-word show names with minimal explanation. And it’s funny that there’s still hardly detail on what it’s really about, minimal discussion of specific characters, specific lore, etc. But I think I’m going try it after reading this thread!



Both shows are, at the very least, interesting and genuinely different than anything I’ve seen before.

See weirdly reminds me of old Showtime sci fi shows. Odyssey 5. Total Recall 2070. Caught between late night sex and gore, genuinely thoughtful scifi concepts, and still kind of cheesy in a charming way.

intrigued then!