Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Watched it this morning, and it’s a weird movie. The first half is darkly comic, then the second half bares its emotions and riffs on love and life and, ultimately, loss.

The trailers definitely play it up more as a comedy, and you can’t help but wonder if they’re going to cop out on the “end of the world” thing (“ooops,” the scientist says, “looks like we were wrong and it’ll miss!”), but the sound effect at the end heralding Armageddon is downright chilling.

So, is this Miracle Mile played for laughs?


So is it better than Last Night?

Oh links. Good idea.

Is this really the worst film of its generation?

(Anyway I thought that was Rat Race)

“I loathed Seeking a Friend for the End of the World unreservedly, passionately, and I’m the sort of filmgoer who can usually find worth in even the dreariest time-waster…”

Man, I wish critics would stop sugar coating their opinions. Tell us what you really think.

Instead, the film gives us Steve Carell in his umpteenth sad-sack, moist-eyed-clown role. Well, actually it’s just his fourth, dating back to Little Miss Sunshine and continuing through Dan in Real Life and Crazy, Stupid Love, but this performer, who only a few years ago was one of the most welcome and reliably funny presences in American film and TV, is now in sore danger of crash-landing on Robin Williams Island. You can feel the tractor beam pulling him in, the Holocaust movie inching its way to the top of the pile of screenplays beside his bed.

Oh wow. Harsh, but true. I sort of grimace now when I see Steve Carell stars in a movie.

Sorta peaked in 40 Year Old Virgin.

Fantastic movie. I actually watched it years ago not knowing what to expect.

A movie about a guy sleep-walking through life and then he dies…ummmm, yeah. I’ll pass.

Hey! I’m sleepwalking through my fucking LIFE here.

I loved it too. Everybody should see it.

Saw it today and enjoyed it, though I agree that Carell’s performance was hardly inspired. Expected more out of the end based on Woolen’s comment but it’s just a loud boom off in the distance followed by ruddy light. Subdued would be a better description.

I was interested in the premise, but I certainly won’t pay to see a movie with Steve Carell in it. :/

I like Steve Carell, but wow, did I hate this movie. It was just so abysmally written, didn’t know what it wanted to be, scientifically and anthropologically stupid…

The restaurant scene’s funny; otherwise, it’s just terrible.