Seeking Advice - Recovering Stolen Games

Hey All,

As you might notice from my post count, I’m mostly a lurker who doesn’t really post a lot, but I’m hoping to get some advice from you guys.

Recently I was burglarized at my apartment and the thief stole my CD case with all my PC game play discs (and much much more…). The thief pretty much got my entire collection which consisted of approximately 75 game spanning the last 10 years. Fortunately, I still have my jewel cases / install discs as they were stored elsewhere. I am trying to decide what to do next.

My question is simple - is it wrong to reacquire play discs via downloading them off the internet if I still have my original CD keys?

Being that I am a professional videogame developer, I do not ever illegally download games, so I don’t even really know where to even find a place to download PC play discs.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


I forgot to mention that I do not have most of my games installed on my computer right now, so using “NO CD” cracks isn’t that useful.

This thread wasn’t intended to promote illegal downloading, so simply asking for your thoughts on reacquire vs. rebuy.

Here, let me post a link to a great place to download games! Surely no harm will come of this!

Were you insured? Aren’t you going to get money back for your stolen goods? I bet you can find every one of those games on eBay.

This was my thought. Getting the insurance payout will hinge on producing receipts for these games, but I imagine that, as a professional gamer, you no doubt kept these receipts for your tax records so that your accountant could deduct their cost from your income as a ‘work-related expense.’

Unfortunately my renter’s had not kicked in yet when the incident happened. Even so, I had games that were purchased over 5 years ago, so producing receipts for everything isn’t so easy.

I’m sorry, but your question or whatever doesn’t make any sense. You want our thoughts on repurchasing stolen games, bearing in mind you won’t DL illegally. OK, got it.

So: buy them again, right? I mean what the hell else is there? Check Amazon, gogamer, whatever. Becond that I have no idea what this thread is for.

Also, how the hell could you be a “professional game developer” and have no idea how to use a bittorrent client or be remotely familiar with things of this nature?

You post comes off as very disingenuous, is what I’m saying.

Since you are a game developer, clearly the solution is to create from scratch your own version of all of these games, in a nerdier recreation of the movie “Be Kind, Rewind”. Do you look like Jack Black? Or Mos Def? That will help.

There’s a difference between understanding how a peer to peer client works and which P2P clients are used these days. The last P2P client I used was Napster back in the day, but have long since abandoned using these programs altogether.

Regardless, it’s pretty clear what the opinion is already. Although it sucks for me to have to repurchase things I already own, at least I’ll be re-supporting our industry in the process.

Thanks for the input gang.

Not kicked in yet? Are you sure? Most policies start the date you sign up, not the date you send a check or whatever.

Well one advantage could be that you would replace the CD/DVD versions with digitial download versions (Steam, Direct2Drive, etc) where available. This is one case where having a digital download version is clearly superior, as all you’d have to do is download them again.

I’ve only ever bought games from Stardock and Steam, so I have no fear.

I don’t know if I hallucinated this post or what but some guy made a very witty post in some other thread here that I can’t seem to find (was the post deleted? Is my mind playing tricks?) but it went something like this ,which I think is appropriate for this thread:

"I work for the government involved in drug related research but it was all recently stolen. These drugs are very important to my line of work.

Does anyone know where I can score 30 hits of ecstacy?"

It went something like that and it was very funny.


You played DAOC, at the very least that’s one game you haven’t bought from those stores!

I’m not sure why everyone is failing at reading in this thread, but as someone that has spent almost a thousand dollars now acquiring used classic/near-modern games rather than downloading them, I’d say go for it with a clear conscience. I’m sure the thief has trashed them or unloaded to a buddy for $5. He’d have to use no-CD cracks anyway, so it’s not like a license was transferred here.

Figure out how to use torrents by yourself.


I know most insurance companies are evil, but do all US companies require a receipt for even the small stuff?

My company would take the empty boxes as proof enough, that the cd’s existed as well (as a customer in good standing I’ve taken a picture of my cd shelves as proof - I certainly don’t have a receipt of every cd purchased)

I hope you signed up for the Good Old Games beta. That might be the best way to snag a copy of the older titles in your collection. Once it starts that is.

I heard was the place to go.